Audio Books: Build Yours With PLR Audio

Audio Books: Build Yours With PLR Audio

Product creation takes a lot of time. Most people find that time spent creating a product is simply not time that’s well spent. Instead, most people would rather be spending their time marketing their website and actually making money. One great way to bypass the product creation phase is to use Public Label Rights audios. Read on to learn more about how you can make money using PLR audios.

What Are PLR Audios?

PLR audios are audio files whose rights you can purchase. Someone else creates the audio, but for a small fee you can buy the rights to republish the audios as your own.

For example, someone might publish an audio on weight lifting. You can pay a small fee to buy the PLR rights and then claim the product as your own and market it as such. You save a lot of time and can make a lot of money doing this.

Combining PLR Audios into a Product

Often times PLR audios will be short. Instead of trying to find a full length PLR audio book, you can find a bunch of shorter PLR audios and combine them into a PLR audio book.


Building a PLR audio book this way is a great way to create a full scale product with very little work. Every PLR audio you use can simply be one chapter in the PLR audio book.

Leverage Audio’s High Perceived Value

Audios have a very high perceived value, especially online. An eBook or even a physical book has very little perceived value. Few people will pay over for an eBook. After all, it’s “just an eBook.”

On the other hand, a step by step audio book has much more value. You can hear the other person’s voice, the other people seems like much more of an expert, etc.

You can even take it one step further. If you take your PLR audio book and burn them onto CDs, your perceived value will skyrocket. Instead of just selling an eBook for or audio downloads for , you can now sell a completely CD Set for 7. That’s nearly ten times the perceived value of an eBook and the content could be exactly the same!

An Easy to Use Technique

One great thing about using PLR audios is how easy it is. There are many reasons to use PLR audio. Saving time is one very common reason. Saving money is another common reason. However, you can also buy expertise using this method.

For example, you might know nothing about body building. However, if you have a profitable way to market a product, you might want to get in that market anyway. Rather than trying to create a product yourself with no knowledge of the market, you can just buy the rights from someone who already knows what they’re doing.

All you do then is repackage and market the product. You do what you do best; they do what they do best.

Using PLR audios is a great way to make money. It’s a great way to save time and increase your credibility. Very few marketers are taking advantage of this amazing resource. Now that you know about using PLR audios, don’t let that knowledge go to waste! Get out there and make some money today.

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