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Watching films are one of the best entertainments that were given to us and as time flies by the movies that we watch are becoming more and more interesting and more fun to watch. But whether the film is animated, sci-fi, horror, comedy or what so ever, watching film is still the best entertainment for us.

Films are created by knowledgeable and creative minds of the film makers and when it is said film makers then it is not just the director and artists are the main reason for the film. yes they are the main casts but in order to finish the film, supporting film casts are needed like the great angles that the camera do, the special sound that the sound director are putting in the movie, the wonderful lighting that is given by the lights director, the fantastic writing and imaginative thinking of the script writer and the splendid hands of the film editor. All are needed to have a wonderful movie that can be marked as a box office movie.

The film industry is a huge company which needs great numbers of persons that will join and help them in film making. And for that film courses are now open for the students to wants to be part of the film industry. There are several courses that can be enrolled in for the film making but there are also specific course that can be enrolled and have all of the knowledge that is needed for film making.

School is not a problem for the students because there are so many schools in the world that can give the learning that they want. Places like the Paris and New York are very famous in film making and another place that the students can look upon is the Auckland Weekend Film School.

This school is providing a weekend of learning about film making from morning until night. Many things that can be think all because some might say that two days are not sufficient to learn about film making process.

The school is now giving a huge of opportunity to all but the limited numbers of students are only welcomed every session because they need to maximize the learning of the students and different teaching method are done for them to have the knowledge more convenient learning. The teacher that will teach is also another thing that is considerable best thing that the school can give the students. The teacher is Colm O’ Murchu, he is a well known director, film producer and an editor. His craft for film making has been proven and he is now sharing the knowledge that he has to the students who wants to enroll under the two days training. The students are also allowed to have the hands on learning so that they can experience the actual handling of the equipments before entering the real film industry. it is more convenient to study the film making in two days and enter the film industry after which.


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I wrote this article to share my insights about this wonderful site that I found on the internet which is the Auckland Weekend Film School. It offers Film Courses wherein you will learn how to make a film by actually shooting a real film.

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