AOC ? bringing finest televisions to the country

The first television was invented by John Logie Baird in 1923. After World War II televisions took over radios, since then we have accepted televisions in our life. It has invaded our lives into the core that we cannot live a day without watching it. Most of us treat our televisions as our best friend or as our family member. While surfing channels now we hardly get amazed to see a new channel. Every now and then a new channel is introduced to the list of channels. New programs get alive everyday and we welcome them whole heartedly. We are now addicted to television and numerous channels. Don’t be amazed if you see someone running out of the office after shift because he is missing his favorite TV serial.

AOC (Brand Name of TPV Technologies) has been satisfying the display industry with styling, value and dependability for over 70 years. AOC’s entry into the Television segment in India is a step further in this direction. The key focus area is always on making it a household name and a recognized brand for LCD TV in the Indian market.

Several factors are crucial in building successful brand. This includes product quality, positioning, marketing, customer service, etc. The Firm strives to work on all factors for building its brand in India for television. AOC Televisions feature a contemporary, slim design, superior picture quality, performance and are environmentally friendly. The Organization will target the mid segment and cater to customers who want to buy high-quality products at affordable prices. AOC(A brand name of TPV Technologies ) has 15 state of the art manufacturing units spread across the globe to bring out the most innovative and high-quality products.

AOC aims at making it a brand name that stays at every home. Displays that are manufactured by the organization define technology at its best. From LED to 3D, all the displays offers a step ahead of just television watching. The company houses varied display screens like television, monitor and monitor television. Being a billion dollar business firm the organization understands how important it is to satisfy customers. In order to have smiling clienteles it is important to provide a quality after sale service. By offering good services the organization is retaining its brand name.

The Firm is one of the best display providers of the country. With the aim at offering high quality televisions and monitors at a very nominal price, the organization is striding towards being ‘the best’.

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