Anneliese Michel Exorcism audio tapes (Long Version)

Anneliese  Michel Exorcism  audio tapes (Long Version)

Anneliese Michel (September 21, 1952 – July 1, 1976) was a German Catholic woman who was said to be possessed by demons and subsequently underwent an exorc…
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18 comments to Anneliese Michel Exorcism audio tapes (Long Version)

  • hedi triki  says:

    he is? dead

  • jimbo081  says:

    Still waiting asshole?

  • leswehman11  says:

    This is demonic. I hope the lady is better now.? God yelp her!

  • ScotsWhaHae1000  says:

    Sounds as? if she,s constipated . Been there !!! 3 bottles a buckfast and a bottle a vodka and im like this every morning .

  • lgsp1968  says:

    Mr. GroddGuerrilla, demons exist and Christ too. Jesus Christ could save this girl if she knew and accepted Him. You need Christ in your life too!! Are you prepare to die? Do you know what’s coming when you ‘ ll die? Jesus? Christ loves you, not the demons!

  • mjfangirl13  says:

    see what u don’t belive i belive the god that’s it

  • klauskerzel  says:

    ask the devil?

  • dean carriker  says:

    thumbs up to? the deaf kids, (im Hard of hearing)

  • theinfize  says:

    subtittle it pls?

  • Josue Pedraza  says:

    May? she rest in peace

  • Magda Mihaela  says:

    i`m just? crying

  • ArtemKurganskiy  says:

    Will? somebody translate the shit she says

  • GroddGuerrilla  says:

    how does one even write dubstep??

  • GroddGuerrilla  says:

    demons existed before? your christ, do not come here to peddle your bible thumping.

  • Paddy Theosophist  says:

    yeah thanks for your input “know-all” kevin. I see two more emotive-driven replies from u below too. Several tests were conducted by two reputable well-respected psychiatrists, a psychologist, a neurologist, and? fMRI, EEG, and PET scans showed no alpha-brainwave or any other brain abnormality. And epilepsy doesn’t explain the pungent stench that would come and go, or her accurate premonitions, or her ability to read other’s thoughts, or the rest of the paranormal activity. Read the book know-all

  • sara41851  says:


  • GAJMx26  says:

    Don’t do high doses of shrooms past 8 pm kiddos?

  • pvtrichter88  says:

    and to further add i definitely feel badly for this poor girl and what she went through and whatever your convictions you may may surely feel the same RIP ANNELIESSE i hope you have ? found peace!!

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