All the Benefits of the best led TV’s

LED TVs are the newest high definition televisions in the market. They use LCD panels but with LED or light emitting diodes as the backlight instead of the traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFLs. Using LEDs is said to be more beneficial especially when it comes to televisions. This is the reason why many experts prefer to recommend this high definition TV than the other HDTVs.

LEDs are diodes that are semiconductors in which electric current is needed for them to radiate light. They are capable of responding rapidly when they are switched on and off. This is the reason why LEDs have higher contrast ratio than others because the LEDs can be switched on and off independently which can give deep darkness and high brightness that plasma TV and LCD TV give separately. This HDTV gives real high definition viewing experience because of the real life images produced.

LEDs are also slimmer than other HDTVs because the LEDs are smaller and the panels used are thinner. They are also lighter to make it easier for people to hang them on walls. LEDs have sleek and stylish exterior design so they can serve as wall decor when not in use. Since LEDs are smaller, they are also more power efficient than the fluorescent lamps. Thus, people can save on their monthly electric bill. It is said that LED TVs save up to 30% of consumption compared to the other HDTVs. Mercury is also not part of any manufacturing process so they are more environment-friendly and easier to dispose.

There are many advantages of having LED TVs instead of LCDs. LED TVs are basically LCD TVs but they have LEDs or light emitting diodes as the backlight instead of the cold cathode fluorescent lamps.

There are many people who prefer to buy this type of high definition television instead of the traditional LCD TVs because LED TVs create images with higher dynamic contrast. This is because of the LEDs that are used can be turned on and off individually even while in use creating deep blacks and high brightness at the same time. This TV also offers a wider color gamut. This gives a more defined and more realistic image that will help people enjoy watching the movies that they like. Everything to be seen in this television is better than the old and traditional televisions including LCDs. When watching from odd angles, LED TVs give much better display than LCD TVs.

Another advantage of having LEDs instead of LCD TVs is the sleek exterior that the television has. This high definition TV can be as thick as one inch because the panels used are thinner compared to the LCD TVs. It is also lighter so it is easier to hang on walls. Mercury is also not used in any part of the TV so it is more environment-friendly and easier to dispose. Since LEDs are smaller than the fluorescent lamps and panels, LEDs are more power efficient and consume less energy. This can help the consumers when it comes to their electric bills.

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