A film with social message to be filmed in Madhya Pradesh

FILMS HAVE always been admired as the most common source of entertainment. Perhaps, no one could have escaped from viewing films. Film-making is also termed as the most common industry, all over the world. Hollywood and Bollywood are now the ambassadors of Europe and India. Films are also considered as the best mode of entertainment by many. If we look at the history of Indian films, we find that a number of films have set landmarks by showcasing message contained therein.

Mother India, Do Beegha Jameen, and Jagte Raho are few films that have been successful in giving useful messages. Films made by Satyajit Ray have bagged international awards and given glory to our country. Very sadly, however, the level of quality of our films has decreased. any film click box-office nowadays, and most of the current films, run for few weeks only. The most common reason for the failure of today’s films is the lack of incorporation of powerful subjects. Very few film-makers take educational subjects in their films.

Ms. Rashmi Verma, has a close association with Madhya Pradesh. She has been involved in making films, TV serials for a pretty long time. She is an actor, writer, producer and model. She has acted in a number of films, and since then, she has been planning to make a film, on a subject, focusing upon society. She was in search of a subject and ultimately she got the idea. She immediately started the paper work and after completing the same, she narrated her story to the ace film writer, Imtiaz Hussain, who was impressed by the theme of story.

Rashmi requested him to develop the story and Hussain agreed to do so. The story writing is in progress and Rashmi is thrilled to imagine the creation of her dream on celluloid. The story of film revolves around a lady, who has two sons. The younger one incidentally comes in association with some bad guys, and the teenager becomes addict of drugs, theft and all bad habits.

The poor mother, who is already a sufferer of separation from her husband, is shocked to see her son, whose talks of bad habits have spread in society, school & no one likes him. No student in his school likes to sit beside him. How her mother faces the situation and struggles to bring his bad son on right way, will be in interesting to see in the film.

No mother will like her son to be called as drunkard or thief. She always takes care of her all children but a little carelessness may lead to misdirection of your ward, and ultimately the entire family is the sufferer.
Rashmi Verma expressed her views on the subject, chose for the film, “Since I do not want to leave a single stone unturned to convert my dream in the fact, I have selected gems of our film industry for my film. The famous Director Vimal Kumar has been shouldered with the responsibilities of direction, who has many successful films to his credit,  such as Agar Tum Na Hote, Ghar Sansar, Dariya Dil, Swarg Yahan Narak Yahan and Tarazoo.

The story and script will be penned by Imtiaz Hussain, known for his films like Ghulame-E-Mustafa, Astitwa, Parinda and Vastaw. Though the entire cast of film is yet to be finalized, I have two names for the role of mother, Tabboo and Vidya Balan.”

“The film is likely to go on floors within six months, and we plan to release the same by midyear of 2012,” Rashmi added, and said that she incidentally belongs to Madhya Pradesh, she has decided to shoot the entire film in the state. She is approaching M.P. Government for their support at the time of shooting of the film.

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