A 2m dipole made from a telescopic TV antenna

Just a simple antenna for 144 MHz portable operating made from indoor TV bunny ears. No extravant claims are made, but it should perform better than the stan…
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6 comments to A 2m dipole made from a telescopic TV antenna

  • Cody Kaecker  says:

    please help i made one and i use? a yaesu ft-2800m and every time i try to transmit my radio shuts off

  • Dang4328  says:

    Were you listening to FM radio 80KM away? Also, what I did was make a little “dish” by wrapping a cereal bowl in aluminum foil. From there, I put my “experimen-tenna” in the direction of a city almost 150 KM away, and got less static than what you were experimenting at 80KM away. I put it on? a car’s FM antenna and got audible but very low reception 250 KM away, after amplifing it. Too bad a cereal bowl wrapped around a car antenna looks quite rediculous. Though I did manage to get it done.

  • Stuart Grant  says:

    If you used that? in the UK you would be pulled over by the Traffic police. If you were driving of course.
    However nice idea mate.

  • vk3ye  says:

    1. yes – 19″ is 48cm. 2. Could be OK if your own vehicle (though a roof mounted antenna would be more effective)? but modern buses/trains don’t have opening windows. And even if they did travel rules prohibit sticking objects out of windows and attracts unwanted attention.

  • umajunkcollector  says:

    Dipole, inverted V (or V) and ground plane – all in one!
    What length did you tune it to? 19″/each rod?
    Perhaps you? can epoxy glue that stud to some 1/2″ PVC pipe (actually two pieces of 12″ pipe and an elbow), and then stick it out the window – then roll the window up on the pipe to hold it in place.

  • vk2ig  says:

    That’s great, Peter, and I like the idea of converting? it to a yagi!

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