365 Days: 10/365 (December 10, 2008)

A few nice television images I found:

365 Days: 10/365 (December 10, 2008)
Image by doctorious
365 Days: 10/365 (December 10, 2008): I have been using Twitter quite a bit since I first signed up on November 19, 2008 — you can find me at @doctorious.

I had heard CNN anchor Rick Sanchez runs posts from people on Twitter along the crawl at the bottom of the screen during his broadcast. Knowing this, I clicked to "follow" him today and made my way to the television. When I first checked the broadcast, he was discussing the scandal involving Governor Blagojevich of Illinois trying to sell Obama’s vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder.

In response to the conversation I posted the following "tweet" to Rick Sanchez on Twitter."Is scandal w/ "Bleepojevic" selling Obama’s seat that he was dumb enough to get caught? This IS Chicago politics after all." See the archived post: snurl.com/7rse3. Note: I referred to the Governor as "Bleepojevic" as a comical response to his alleged use of profanity in the recordings made by the FBI.

Busy with other things that day, I recorded the broadcast on my DVR and watched it later — sure enough, there was my "tweet" to @ricksanchezcnn at 12:52 p.m.

I took a photo to commemorate this unique event with my Canon PowerShot A410 and made some modest artistic changes to it in Adobe PhotoShop CS (including copying and pasting the original image of my finger on the remote on top of the modified image so you could see it more easily). Quite a convergence of technology to get this shot!

Follow-Up Note: After I posted this image I received the comment below from "jasncab." Although comments from "nickbelardes" and "bakomom" convey my general sentiments about the issue, I wanted to personally respond.

I agree the jet crash in San Diego was a horrible tragedy. I also don’t disagree that my tweet was inconsequential in relation to the news being reported at the same time it was on the screen. However, I disagree that my posting this picture was in "bad taste." Rather, I see it as coincidence — an unfortunate one. I do not control CNN, nor did I influence when my tweet ran on the scroll. I didn’t even watch the live broadcast.

This photo captures life as it happened and that was something going on at that moment in my life. That is part of what the 365 project is about: documenting moments in my life (good and bad). Would I have preferred there to have been a different story on at the time my tweet was on the crawl? Sure.

Ten seconds after the update on the jet crash Rick Sanchez was discussing how Oprah now weighs 200 pounds — now THAT is inconsequential. But it certainly would have made for a much less emotionally charged backdrop.

I did try to obscure the father’s face along with the other images on the screen to move focus away from it and out of some level of respect. There wasn’t much more I could do about the banner without totally negating the point of my tweet being a part of it.

In any case, I hope that somewhat clarifies my position on this matter. My thoughts are with the family affected by this tragedy and I hope the grieving father can experience whatever form of emotional recovery is possible in a situation like this.

Looking Back ~ 1958 ~ Magnavox
Image by erjkprunczýk
Vintage ad for the Magnavox High Fidelity Television Radio-phonograph, Time Magazine, May 5, 1958, page 10. "Magnificent Magnavox, with the glow of beautiful music…"

8.24.06 Horizon Window
Image by M J M
Television through my water glass.

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