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Learning Easy Guitar Songs

Once you have the chords and basic notes down on your acoustic guitar, the next step most beginners try is to find easy guitar songs to play and practice on. These easy guitar songs for beginners usually involve some basic notes and chords that you would have just learned and a tempo that is not too fast to keep up with, creating a good practice song for you to start helping you put notes and cords together into melodies.

A Horse with No Name

A Horse with No Name is performed by America, and it is a very popular song for beginners to use when looking for easy guitar songs to learn to play. One of the best things about A Horse with No Name is that, for beginners, there isn’t much moving around on the neck of the guitar. This is because the four simple chords used in this song, D6/9, Dmaj9, Em9 and Em, are played on only one fret, making it extremely easy for beginners to get the hang of.

Feeling Alright

Another of the great easy guitar songs for beginners is Feeling Alright by Dave Mason. Also very simple for those who are just learning to get songs together on the guitar, this song uses two chords, including C7 and F7 and only two frets. This song is on the very beginner side of this skill level because it is so very simple, even simpler than A Horse with No Name.

Wild Thing

Wild Thing has been performed by dozens of people, but the one that is among the easy guitar songs for beginners is the one that is performed by the Troggs. This song incorporates four simple chords along with a “stop” chord to create this simple melody. This is also simple as far as easy guitar songs go because the A chord uses only one finger, D chord uses two, E uses one again and the G chord is the thumb. The “stop chord” does not mean there will be any strumming, just muting the strings with your fingers.


Johnny Cash performs Hurt, one of his more beautiful and later songs in his lifetime, which is also extremely popular among beginner guitar players. Among easy guitar songs for beginners, Hurt uses five chords with simple patterns, but it is also considered to be closer to an intermediate level rather than a beginner one. The chords are Am, C, D, F and G put together with different frets to make the melody. Online acoustic guitar lessons take special time to teach this one to beginners, but once a few of the aforementioned songs have been learned it can be accomplished by higher level beginners of all kinds.

Looking for easy guitar songs? Visit our site for a list of easy guitar songs for beginners.

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Imuka 2011 Songs and East African Traditional Dance

Imuka Singers Presents…2011 Preview Songs and East African Traditional Dance of the Bahaya People from Bukoba Interested in Booking a Concert Performance i…
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Um pouco da música africana.
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Five Favorite Hip Hop Radio Songs

Hip hop originated in New York City, the results of the creative endeavors of the Latino, Afro-Caribbean and African American artists living in the South Bronx during the 70’s. This music genre is made up of sampling, rapping, beat boxing and scratching.

Before the 80’s, the hip hop genre was mostly limited in scope to the borders of the United States of America. During the 80’s its popularity started spreading to other countries. Presently, hip hop enjoys a large following in every modern country on the globe. Recall, hip hop can be obtained on free online radio.

The influence of hip hop music has transcended genres and can be found in many different types of music. We’ve selected five songs from the Mix and Hitz Station lineups that are standouts in their fields and whether or not they fall under the heading of hip hop, we play them side-by-side with hip hop tracks on the Hitz and Mix stations.

“California Gurls” which is performed by Katy Perry. This song was made by Katy along with the famous hip hop recording star, Snoop Dogg. In this song, the amazing sounds of the guitar beats used in the 80’s can be heard clearly among the summer-themed lyrics.

“Imma Be” written and performed by the Black Eyed Peas. This recording by the Black Eyed Peas begins with slower tempo urban beats, then slowly changes in the middle of the song, it morphs into a funky dance track. It also boasts a music video that is a mix-up of Imma Be and another song, Rock That Body.

“Your Love Is My Drug” performed and recorded by Kesha. This number by Kesha is one of the songs in her debut album entitled ‘January’. Its soundtrack is a throw back to the 1980’s with a chorus line that speaks of adolescent love. This track is spontaneous, informal, and lively with auto tuned vocals. You can get this song on free online radio.

“Airplanes” by “B.o.B.” This song is by B.o.B, featuring Hayley Williams. Most of the melodies of this song are basically from the piano with an outstanding clapping backbeat. The song is one of the many from B.o.B’s debut album called ‘B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray’.

“Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. An unique song by Lady Antebellum about yearning for late night friendship, this hit is written in the form of a beautifully composed ballad. By the Fall of 2009 it made it to number one on the country charts and then started getting play time on pop radio. In recreating the 2010 version, which is a pop mix, the country guitar that was used previously was substituted with an electric guitar. It is very intricate, but is has a certain magic to it.

“Telephone”, is a song written and performed by Lady Gaga, she originally displayed this incredible recording in ‘The Fame Monster’, just before its release. This is a club song, despite the fact that a harp was used in this top song, this song contains rapping performed by Beyonce Knowles. This song was first written for Britney Spears, but was brilliantly performed with stellar results by Lady Gaga subsequent to Spear’s record

To get access to great online music visit us at: internet radio To learn more about the internet and music go to: free online music

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African Songs

This is the first day for the kids of the village to learn this simple song. They are quick learners!
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Tips For Mixing Songs

I have got some basic and seemingly trivial advices regarding to mixing a song I want to share with you that are mostly missed by beginners.

Reverb & Delay

Personally, I think it’s important to keep your song a little ‘wet’. By wet I mean to apply some reverb and delay to your tracks — yes, even to the drum tracks! Note, it can be a real challenge to find a happy medium between wet and dry. Of course you shouldn’t get too dry — the listener has to notice that there is some reverb or delay, but more like on a subconscious level. I want to point out here that I’m talking about general wetness and not piercing delays you would want to use for a solo, like for instance in “No No No” by Deep Purple, or a highlighting reverb dosage at the end of a vocal’s verse like it’s to be found in “School” by Supertramp, or even an excessive, but beautiful use of reverb like in the solo of “Fools” by Deep Purple as well.

Since the individual instruments and their elements respond differently to one and the same reverb and moreover not every instrument requires the same ‘wetness’, you mostly should choose one particular reverb for each instrument. Naturally, it’s not desirable to have your tracks ‘swimming’ in reverb except you mean to do so.

Normally, drums (especially the snare since it’s so punchy) require only little and short reverb. I’d recommend to equalize it a little ‘bluntly’ so you get a soft sound impression. Piercing elements consisting of mainly high frequencies and a fast decay like the snare make your reverb stand out more than for instance a bass drum or a crash. The bass drum doesn’t have these penetrating frequencies and a crash has a very slow decay which both makes the reverb hardly noticeable.

Especially guitars and vocals require more brilliant reverbs since otherwise they tend to gain what I would call ‘vague outlines’. It’s up to you to choose the right reverb time and to determine its appropriate percentage, but especially with rock guitars I would prefer a delay because the overdrive sound tends to lose some ‘punch’ in combination with too much reverb.

In my experience, synthesizers, organs, and keyboards tolerate more reverberation without beginning to reverberate penetratingly.

Critical Frequency Bands

A big mistake I’ve often made in the past was to stress the low middle frequencies. You probably know that middle frequencies and especially the low mids are responsible for a warm sound impression. The issue I often had was to set up my sounds individually until they sounded great in themselves, but only without the rest of the tracks. And if you set up all your sounds separately, you’ll probably find that every instrument sounds full and balanced, but in the complete mix everything suddenly starts to sound awfully fuzzy and blurry.

There is a trick to doing that properly. You sort of have to consider your whole song as one instrument in order to equalize it properly — I know, it can be quite hard, especially since you have to analyze and set up every single track in a proper ratio to the others. As I wanted every single instrument to sound warm and full I almost every single time added a certain amount of low mids to middle frequencies (in the range of 200 to 500 Hz — that’s the critical point). Unfortunately these frequencies, if they’re accumulated much, tend to make the song sound ‘blunt’ and kind of stuffed full with ‘non-brilliancy’.

I made the experience that it is advisable to take out a certain amount of these frequencies especially with guitar, vocal, and synthesizer tracks, and to instead add these to bass guitars and bass drums.

Nohow would you want to take these completely out, but you’ll be astonished how full and balanced every single instrument sounds in the general view by reducing and shifting specifically low middle frequencies.

One more thing: Earlier I had been using loudspeakers that used to emphasize the high and low middle frequencies. Using non-linear loudspeakers can be a great issue with mixing your songs — back then I thought that all my master bounces were great and brilliant, but when I listened to them through linear loudspeakers the bounces sounded ‘as dry as a bone’. The ultimate key with monitoring songs is to firstly make them sound great through linear loudspeakers and secondly through non-linear, maybe even trashy ones.

Take An External View

There are some things anyone who is too much involved in mastering a song can easily misjudge.

It can be a big mistake, for instance, trying to make all instruments sound equally loud — that doesn’t really work. Well, actually it does work and it’s possible to make all tracks sound equally loud, but it’s probably not what you’re really looking for. I tried this myself and had to realize that it would pose more difficulties than it would solve problems. The big issue about this is that the listener doesn’t know on which element to focus and this makes listening quite taxing. Best, you create a mix that makes perfect sense to the listener and to which they can simply ‘abandon themselves’ without focusing.

The key is to so to speak allot a leading role to one particular instrument group and then to emphasize certain elements of this group. As soon as you have chosen a group to ‘play the leading role’, note that it is exactly the same important to also decide what particular element of the group shall undertake the leading role here. With drums I would always put the snare and bass drum into the foreground, with vocals you would probably choose the lead vocals and reduce the volume level of the others, and with let’s say two guitars you’d pick the lead guitar or, if there is none, the one that has more high frequencies or so. It’s the exact same thing as the golden section in painting.

If you’re now thinking: “Yeah well, but now my other instruments are kind of drowned in the rest”, I can reassure you — It’s not gonna happen. One often underestimates how well quiet instruments come through in a mix if they’re equalized cleverly.

One more advise for rock songs: If you want to make your song sound powerful, put your drums into the foreground (atonal instruments sometimes require more volume than you would expect). Next, the vocals and one of your guitars (if you got some), then the next guitar together with the bass guitar. At least I underestimated for a long time how much drums actually contribute to a powerful sound impression.

And one more psychological advice: Don’t let the graphics influence your mind and power of judgement. I know that sometimes they distracted my acoustic perception a bit, so I often hid my software interface while monitoring, or just opened a track mixer window in order to fully focus on the acoustic impression.

(c) Linus Schachten 2010 (Hamburg, Germany). All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

My brother and I recorded the brilliant song “White Room” by Cream and shot a video, too. For the video soundtrack we took our studio recording, put a ‘Space Designer’ on the output track, and adapted the reverb to the acoustic features of the room we were shooting the video in. If you want to know how this sounds without ‘over-applying’ the level of reverb, click on Linus & Dino “White Room”!

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Ho To Transfer Songs From Ipod To Computer?

It is a well established fact that Apple has created an absolute gem in music player. The Apple has taken the mp3 player market by storm and wiped out most of its competitors. Many people like Apple iPod for its delicate appearance and outstanding quality. However, there is a problem in front of users. There are many people who have used iPods for years, but they do not know how to transfer music from iPod to Computer. Although it is very easy to copy music from computer to iPod, but it is not so convinient to copy music from ipod to computer and thus Apple plays its part in reducing the chances of piracy. But it’s not like it cannot be done.
If you want to transfer music from ipod to computer; you would required an iPod, its data cable, a computer with sufficient space to store the files, and Apple itunes software. Copy-paste the files that you want in a folder on your hard drive. At this point of time, you would be thinking how the file names are to be renamed and identified. However, the best option is to open the saved folder in Apple iTunes. After doing so, you will have all your music files sorted out in the iTunes music library. In the library, you will be able to view the names of the files.
Guide: How to Import Songs from iPod to Computer?
Step1: Plug the iPod into the USB. Launch the program and it will search for the device automatically. If the device is available, the files will be shown in the list.
Step 2: Under the various lists in view, there is an option for showing the hidden files and folders. Choose the list and files you want to transfer, click the “Export” button.
Step 3: The following window will pop up after you export the selected music. And you can choose transfer to computer or iTunes directly.
Step 4: When finished, You can click the “OK” button to view the output files.
I hope this write up has given you the basic guidelines on how to transfer ipod music to computer. To transfer music from iPod to computer, it will not take a very long time, unless you have a huge store of music, which you will want to copy to your computer from iPod.

The authour is the Lead Audio and Video Analyst for PC Magazine.She spends most of his time in the labs testing ipod and media extenders.Now she is focusing on how to transfer ipod music to computer with an ipod to computer transfer software.

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here is a song for mothers from various arabic artists.
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The Season’s Top Holiday Songs

At the first hint of snow, everyone realizes that the Christmas season is upon us. Christmas would never be the same without our loved ones and, of course, our favorite holiday music. Almost everyone has their favorite Christmas carols that trigger memories of bygone holidays. Following, are the most popular hits of this Christmas season. Did any of your favorites make the list? By the way, all of these great tunes can be easily obtained on internet radio.

All I Want for Christmas Is Youperformed and written by Mariah Carey, this recording has been a perennial holiday favorite. It’s an up beat love song that has a combination of traditional musical beats with pop music, it depicts a woman that is missing her beloved companion during the Christmas season. It was recreated by Mariah this year on her album “Merry Christmas II You” and has been considered a holiday classic that continues to set records annually. It has been recorded by numerous artists and has enjoyed popularity in many nations. As opposed to many other holiday recordings, it has sold a multitude of copies with over a million electronic downloads. Since its release, it has topped the charts within the holiday season.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausThis song became controversial when it was released in the nineteen fifties when the Catholic church in Boston questioned its implications and irreverence for the holiday season. Notwithstanding, the Catholic church acquiesced after its singer, Jimmy Body, offered an explanation to church officials regarding the real meaning of the composition. It was later on popularized by the young Michael Jackson who recorded a great rendition of the song when he was a teen.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
We first heard this from Judy Garland back in the nineteen forties when it was played in the movie musical “Meet Me in St. Louis”. During the movie, it was performed by Esther, played by Judy Garland, for Tootsie, played by Margaret O’Brien, on Christmas Eve prior to her family’s departure to New York. Subsequent to that time, it has been a song of encouragement to offer Christmas cheer. This holiday favorite can be easily accessed on your favorite internet radio station.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas
This song has been considered as one of America’s best known Christmas carols. It was originally recorded by Bing Crosby, and was a top ten hit. Since then, it has become part of the music tradition on the holidays. The song was dedicated to the soldiers of the World War who didn’t make it home for Christmas.

The Christmas Song (also known as the Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
The original intention of this song was not for Christmas. Actually, it was written in the middle of summer. It was written during a hot humid Summer as an mental aid to make people forget the heat. Nat King Cole was the first to record the song. Since then, various versions have been recorded from all around the globe, and it has become a Christmas favorite.

These Christmas songs continue to be holiday favorites, and will most likely make it to the top of the holiday list this year.

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Export Songs From Ipad To Mac

Have you ever met the trouble in putting songs from ipad to mac? Do you want to have a through learning about ipad and how to put videos or songs from ipad to mac?
As iPad users, we all know that synchronization generally occurs only in one direction – PC to iPod (iPod to Mac). Just imagine that one day your PC (Mac)s hard drive crashes and your music library is gone, but your new iTunes only allows the downloading of music from iTunes to iPad, not iPad to iTunes. Are there any methods to transfer files from iPad to PC (iPod to Mac)?

In fact, it is very easy as soon as you own ipad to itunes transfer or ipad to mac transfer. iPad to Mac Transfer makes it easy to transfer iPad music, photos, videos and movies to Mac. Moreover, you can freely copy iPad files to iTunes library, add Mac files to iPad. Recover lost or missing music or backup and restore all of your iPad content; including your favorite songs, videos, photos, Play Lists and more. If you have any iPad/iPhone device, this software is a “must have” utility to keep your iPad/iPhone data safe. With its powerful features, great automation (copying the iPad library to Mac is very easy), all simplicity make iPad to Mac Transfer a terrific choice for copying iPad libraries to Mac computers.
When you want to backup your iPad collection on Mac in case files are damaged or crashed, you need an iPad to Mac Transfer to export songs from iPad to Mac. iPad to Mac Transfer makes you transfer iPad music, photos, videos and movies to Mac. Moreover, you can freely copy iPad files to iTunes library, add Mac files to iPad is supported now.
Why we choose iPad to Mac Transfer?
Compatible with all types of iPad/iPod/iPhone
Works with iPad, and all models of iPods, including, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod nano 5G, iPod touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, etc;
Use iPad as a portable hard drive
Open iPad with Finder to make iPad a portable hard disk for managing all iPad contents freely;
Identify iPad info
Connected with Mac computer, automatically show you iPad model, capacity, version, format and serial number;
Create and edit iPad playlists
This iPad to Mac Transfer allows you to create a new playlist to add music, videos and photos for quick access;
Quicker search
Locate movie, music or photo in your iPad with quick search or filter iPad files by artist, album, genre, composer to get what you want quickly;
Step-by-step Guide: How to export songs from iPad to Mac?
Step 1. Connect iPad to your Mac, and then your files will appeared on the software automatically.
Step 2. Open the library/playlist, and select the songs you want to export.
Step 3. Click the Transfer button to start exporting songs from iPad to Mac.
When finished, the following information dialogbox will be poped-up and remind you how many files you had exported. Just download the trial version and have a try.

jimili, is an accomplished software engineer with several years of experience at all levels of the IT field. She started her career as a programmer and successfully worked her way up to project manager in computer field.Now she is focusing on ipad to itunes transfer software in order to convert ipads’ files to mac.

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The Most Popular Christmas Songs of All Time

The most popular Christmas songs are much loved timeless classics which have become part of tradition. They have sold millions of copies worldwide with their messages of celebration, happiness and romance. Performed by many of music’s most iconic stars their popularity transcends time and generations.

Band Aid was the super group formed by Bob Geldof in 1984 to raise awareness and money for the famine in Ethiopia. Their Christmas number 1 ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ sold over 3.5 million records in the UK alone and involved artists such as George Michael, Boy George and Paul Young. It was an impromptu affair with the studio only giving Bob Geldof 24 hours to record most of the song.

On the 25th of November many of the biggest recording artists in the UK visited SARM studios, Notting Hill to record their performances. The single later went on to cause controversy when Bob Geldof promised every penny made by sales would go to charity. The government responded by refusing to donate the VAT, Mr Geldof lambasted the act and made a public appeal which gathered support across the country. This led to the government backing down and donating the tax to the appeal.

One of the best selling Christmas singles is called ‘Candle in the Wind’ and was written and performed by Elton John in 1997 as a tribute to Princess Diana who died earlier in the year, the song sold almost 5 million units in the UK and over 33 million copies worldwide. It was originally written for Marilyn Monroe and released in 1973 by Elton John. but did not even nearly enjoy the same amount of success. As a sincere gesture Elton John later stated that he would only ever perform the song live at the request of Prince William and Harry of Wales.

According to the Guinness Book of records and selling in excess of 50 million copies worldwide, Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ is considered the best selling single of all time. The song was originally written by Irving Berlin and was performed and released by Bing Crosby. The song initially spent 11 weeks at number in the US Billboard charts in 1942, but was re-released reaching the top of the charts again in 1945 and 1946. Bing Crosby went on to release two other well known Christmas anthems ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ with both exceeding sales of over 30 million copies worldwide. They are to this day thought to be two of the most popular Christmas songs in history.

Another golden oldie which has sold millions of copies is ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ written in 1939 by Robert L. May, a copywriter for the Chicago-based Montgomery Ward department stores, it was originally created as a promotional gift for the store’s customers. Gene Autry later recorded and released it in 1949, since that time it has sold over 25 million copies worldwide and continues to be a staple of Christmas tradition.

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