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Program TV Morocco (Al-Aoula TV) : Mahasiswa Malaysia di Morocco – Part 1

Program TV Morocco (Al-Aoula TV) : Mahasiswa Malaysia di Morocco - Part 1

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CBS NEWS Live Coverage of The Assassination of President Kennedy Part 1 (1:30 P.M – 2:30 P.M E.S.T)

From The Afternoon of Friday November 22nd 1963,Beginning at 1:30 P.M/12:30 P.M E.S.T CBS News Coverage of The Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Ken…

Women Having A Tough Time On Live News

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Firing in Kapurthala Jail on MH1 NEWS CHANNEL Part – 3

Firing in Kapurthala Jail on MH1 NEWS CHANNEL Part – 3 ….. Powered By : Catrack Worldwide (

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6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna (Part 4/9) Built from Old TV Antenna

Part 4: Making the 2 meter and 70 cm dipole driven elements.

????? ???? ??????? — 2M — ????? ???????? ?? ADNANI SHOW TV EP1 MOHAMED ALI ADNANI SHOW FT ISMAIL NASSIF “## ## ????…
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Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight — Complete Film (Part 1&2) **ALL NARUTO MUSIC IS LISTED IN THE CREDITS** The story takes place after the Pain saga, with Naruto becoming the acknowledg…
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1993 World Trade Center Bombing – Live News Coverage – Part 1

As it happened. Uncut, uncensored and uncooked video from WCBS-TV live news coverage in New York City of the of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. In this …

Sonia Shenoy Mistake on Live News Channel - TV Blooper

News reporter as well as news Anchor Sonia Shenoy make a mistake during this live TV broadcast on CNBC TV18 during reporting for Coalgate scam. A man walks i…

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Home Entertainment Luxury With Samsung Series 7 LCD Televisions – Part I

Samsung never cease to prove that what they give is the best. In their Series 7 of LCD televisions, the brand once again established proof that they are the leading Liquid Crystal Display television brand. Let’s see how these series 7 LCD TV models provide evidence.

Like in the previous years, this series also comes with the Touch of Color design. However, there is a major difference since the 2009 Series 7 LCD televisions have a more neutral look. They added a classy charcoal-gray Touch of Color model instead of the red design used in the previous year.

You may notice that a plastic transparent edge stretches out on the screen’s frame emphasizing its gloss black finish. The frame appears to be thick but there’s absolutely no need to worry since it still looks compact. You can choose between the 46 to 52 inch screens for a bigger picture or just choose the smaller ones if you have less space in your room.

One interesting feature for this television models is the 240Hz refresh rate. This is a remarkable improvement in the LCD models that Samsung produced. A refresh rate like this indicates double speed on image build-up. along with this, there is the faster 2msec response time that enables faster pixel state change necessary to meet the fast refresh rate.

Incorporated in this 2009 Samsung lineup is the Internet@TV technology or commonly known as Yahoo Widgets. The TV models in series 7 are equipped with applications and built-in content capable of music streaming, and even photo or video stream from a networked computer.

The built-in content has recipes, games, photos, music, and even workout guides. The Yahoo Widget, on one hand, serves as your Web portal. It allows users to access websites through the built-in web browser using the television’s remote control. Isn’t this pure home entertainment luxury?

And to top it all of, the Samsung LCD HDTVs from Series 7 are equipped with complete settings for picture, contrast, brightness or sharpness, color, and energy efficiency. Adjustable picture modes are present giving the consumer the full control. Energy saving modes are interesting controls adapted letting you choose between four presets. This setting simply allows you to choose the brightness level of the screen thus saving power consumption.

Indeed, you’ll get a good buy with Samsung. What we have discussed was pure amazing external feature, what more will we find when we check its performance level. In the end, we can all say that Samsung Series 7 LCD Televisions are worth saving for.

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News Is An Indispensable Part Of These Days

Today, when this world has become a global village, it is very easy to have information about anything of anywhere at anytime. And in this modern era, all of us want to update latest information. It is news which help us deal with this matter.


That is why we need to know, what is news? In fact news is abbreviation of north, east, west and south, which means to be aware of every direction in short to be informed about every corner of the world. One should have knowledge about each and every aspect of all over the world. And news is one and only source to keep us in touch with the whole world.


To know about your own area, city or country is not enough one should have each and every information of all over the world. News is performing this duty successfully.


There are a lot countless sources and types of news. Some of the most popular sources are newspaper, internet, television, radio, and mobile phones. The most used and demanding types of news are medical, financial, marketing, business, crime, economic, environmental, international, military, political, and weather news.


News help us to enhance our general knowledge, to increase our I.Q level and mental ability.


News make us able to participate in general knowledge competitions.


These provide us health care information to prevent diseases.


Through news we can aware of rise and fall of prices.


News is very helpful for business men, they can make beneficial decisions according to the latest up dates.


Crime news makes us able to be aware of criminals and to take affective steps to save ourselves from being victim.


News keeps us in touch with political affairs not only of our country but also of all over the world. In this way we may able to know which politician is going in the best interest of the country.


News tells us about up coming weather condition and also diseases, so that we use effective precaution to save ourselves from harsh weather as well as diseases.


So today news are helping us a lot to solve many problems.

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and Prof. Michael Eric Dyson debate D’Souza’s new film “America.”
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Greatest News Broadcasts Ever on TV – 9/11 Part 1

Greatest News Broadcasts Ever on TV - 9/11 Part 1

America’s darkest day since Pearl Harbor. Part 1 looks at the live coverage by the American networks of the moments terrorism struck fear into the heart and …
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Getting started on Ham Radio 2M FM, Part 1

Getting started on Ham Radio 2M FM, Part 1

In this series of Ham Radio videos, I’ll show you how to program a 2M HT to get on the air along with some of the basics of 2M FM operating.. In Part 1, I de…
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