Radio Control Boats

There are many great hobbies out there, though some would argue that one is more fun than the other. Let’s take radio control boats as an example. This is a fine hobby to say the last, and it offers quite a few avenues of excitement. Before you rush out to buy any RC boats however, there are a few things you ill need to look at, and you will of course need to determine just what you are looking for when it comes to radio control boats. If you are new to the world of RC boats, you’re definitely in for some great surprises!

Before you start, you will need to determine whether you want to purchase an RTR boat or a model kit. RTR stands for: Ready to Run, and they come in one piece. That being the case, you can take them out of the box and drop them in the water after the charging period. If you want to go with a model kit however, you will need to do a bit of work. The obvious question here is why you would go with a model kit when RTR boats are easy enough to start with.

The benefits of using model kits for radio control boats are numerous. For one, you will be able to choose the power source, and in addition to that you can choose the aesthetic of the boat. This is a luxury that the RTR boats would not allow you, and you might just find that there is a specific style you want that is only available in a motor type that you don’t want.

On the subject of motor types for radio control boats, there are two. The first and most obvious type is electric, and this is actually the cheaper alternative as you can recharge the battery as many times as you need to. The one problem however is that the batteries tend to die quickly, and these motors do not have the same level of power as their petrol counterparts.

A gas engine might be a good choice if you’re looking for high power levels or simply a sense of authenticity. These are more expensive, and they can be a bit more dangerous for beginners, but most who own them find that they are superior in almost every way to the battery operated boats. That being the case, you might want to look into a gas powered RTR or model once you get a bit more experience under your belt.

Owning radio control boats is fun, operating one is even more fun. If you’re looking for a new hobby or something to pass the time with, then try this one on for size and see where it takes you. There is plenty of open water to travel!

At RCUnlimitedShop, you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality radio control boats.

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Explore Morocco’s Cultural Etiquette

Whenever you travel abroad, it is important to know the rules of etiquette. A gesture can be a friendly greeting in several countries but a rude offense in others. Morocco, a country in North Africa, is not an exception. To enjoy your holiday in Morocco in the best way, you should explore its cultural etiquette in tems of language, dress, greetings and dining.




Moroccans primarily speak Arabic, specifically a Moroccan Arabic dialect. If you elect to go trekking in the mountains or in the Sahara Desert, you should expect Arabic to be the main language you hear. French is another common language of the country; however, it is spoken mostly in the northern region in places like the Rif Mountains, Algiers and Casablanca. Berber-Arabic can be found in the mountain and desert regions as well. English, Spanish and French are spoken and understood in cities such as Fez, Marrakesh and Casablanca. It would be polite for you to learn some conversational French before your trip.




Morocco is mainly a Muslim country so your dress should reflect the cultural norm. Dressing in Muslim tunics is not appropriate for a foreigner; however, you should not wear skimpy shirts, shorts or skirts. Instead, you should wear modest clothing such as skirts that reach below the knees, light cotton pants and shirts that cover your shoulders. Beachwear is appropriate at tourist resorts along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, but not at local restaurants in these same areas.




Hospitality is key to the Moroccan culture. After introductions have been made, it is customary to ask about family or friends during a conversation. You can greet people with handshakes as long as they are the same gender. A “Western” handshake tends to be firm and enthusiastic, whereas in Morocco a gentler handshake is required. Women must offer their hand first if they wish to shake hands with a man. A Muslim woman, especially those in full veil tend to refrain from physical contact. In this situation a slight bow or head tilt of acknowledgment would be acceptable.


Public affection such as kissing and hugging is not tolerated in Morocco. To a certain degree hand holding is considered a platonic gesture and is not as taboo as other affectionate displays. Cultural etiquette also states that a woman, when young and unmarried, should travel with a group or be accompanied by a man, rather than going alone to a public place.


Dining Etiquette:


It is customary to be invited to a family home for a meal while in Morocco. If that is the case, you should not refuse any offer of food and graciously accept any present given to you when you are invited in. It is customary to bring a gift, such as flowers, sweets or pastries. In certain households, the men and women dine separately and require a more conservative dress code.


Sam Mitchell writes for Journey Beyond Travel, a one-stop shop for everything related to Morocco tours. From High Atlas treks to family vacations, Journey Beyond Travel offers everything you might need in a Morocco travel guide.

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Nice Morocco photos

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Image by photophilde
View On Black

A very nice place (see where on the map); a beautifull weather; a great view; a lot of kind people.

That was very interresting to visit also.
That has been taken with my very first digital camera, a long time ago.
It has been heavily processed afterward. The sky was not like that 😉

In Explore:…

The list of my "Explore" photos: By best score or presented on black

Image by titodixebra

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Nice Morocco photos

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Image by hernanpba

different windows
Image by mhobl

Image by mhobl…

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Aaj Tak Live : Every Latest News Now On Your Computer.

Aaj tak tv has been spreading informative waves, ever since its inception on December 31, 1999. The channel has been winning hearts of millions, which is evident from the fact that it is watched by up to 45 million viewers in Indias cable and satellite universe. The channels name roughly translates into till today, and many would agree that it lives up to the promise that its name carries, delivering up-to-the-date news, and always being a ready source of news to turn to, for reliable information on the latest on-goings.

Aaj tak news is run by the TV Today Network Ltd., and is one of Indias largest privately owned news channels. The channel started off as a free-to-air channel, and joined in the league of paid cable channels in 2006. It is available on EchoStars DISH network in the United States. Aaj Tak has been disregarded by some critics for the fact that it fits more as an infotainment channel, rather than news channel. But this hasnt done anything against the channels popularity.

The accolades that have been bestowed upon the channel, speak volumes for its quality. It has been awarded Indian Television Academys Best News Channel award for a whooping consecutive 8 years. To top this, the channel was voted as the most trusted news source in India by a BBC/Reuters/Media Center poll, conducted in 2006, managing to win by a small margin of 1% over Doordarshan. These facts explain why millions of viewers tune in to watch aaj tak live, i.e. for a perfect blend of reliable news and entertainment.

The channel has a catchy slogan, Sabse Tez, which translates as the fastest, and it has definitely stood up to this claim. The channel always offers us the latest that there is in the world of news, and does it at lightning speed. What makes aaj tak news stand in a league apart from the regular news channels is the respite that it offers from the drudgery that a regular viewer dreads at the very mention of the word news. Aaj Tak has given a whole new definition to news, making it appeal to everyone, right from a youngster to a house wife. This can be attributed to the manner in which the channel offers a dash of spice with every bland piece of news.

aaj tak tv has a sister channel, Headlines Today that was launched in 2003, in an attempt to cater to the English-speaking audiences. The channel enjoys immense popularity, though has not been able to match to Aaj Tak. Apart from having a sister channel, Aaj Tak also has many competitors to fight against. These include Star News, Zee News, and Sahara Samay, among others. But Aaj Tak definitely manages to stand as the supreme channel when it comes to round-the-clock news in Hindi.

I am Shimr Dsouza. I am a writer and write articles about entertainment and television shows. As watching tv is my biggest hobby I love to write about my favorite TV shows. In my busy schedule, I never find time to watch TV but I do watch live aaj tak on my favorite site which allows me to watch live channels

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Nice Film photos

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October Film color
Image by Makena G
HIIIIII OMG so this is filmmmmm isn’t that cool? (ps this shot is from this day

It turned out really amazing. Out of a roll of 24 i only really like 5 but i guess 10 turned out good.

check out the other 2 i uploaded. 🙂

This is my favorite out of the roll of 24.

Image by shinealight
A non-digital photo for today! Playing around with the Minolta XD-11 a few months ago. I’ll post another one I like tomorrow.

Image by Arenamontanus
Finally a movie about poking oneself in the ear!

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A few nice marrakech images I found:

Image by
Photographer: Randy Piland

Image by
Photographer: Randy Piland

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Nice Live News photos

A few nice live news images I found:

10. entire_trousseau_of_many_a_bride_Metropolitan_Museum
live news
Image by Jim Surkamp
Ambrose Ranson Remembers Jefferson County in the 1840s & 1850s Part 2 TRT: 8:16 2436 words

This is taken from one of six essays written for Sewanee Review from 1913 to 1915 by Ambrose Robert Hite Ranson (1831-1919) about his growing up years living at his family home, Gap View, and his experiences during the Civil War as a Confederate officer. His observations are very informative about daily life pre-war amid unacceptable observations condoning the enslavement of other human beings. His account is still important in its rendering of daily work on a farm in the 1840s and 1850s in Jefferson County, Virginia, one of the most agricultural counties in the Virginias. These conditions were substantially different in the northern Shenandoah Valley when compared to the brutal monocultures in the deep South. Enslavement in Jefferson County, based on writings of those – white and black – who lived here then – was one of diverse work, the pervasive fear of being sold south, pockets of profound cruelty, and the tantalizing nearness of the option of escaping to freedom.

Made possible with the generous, community-minded support of American Public University System, providing an affordable, quality, online education. The views and interpretations in any videos here and at do not in any way reflect modern-day policies of American Public University System, and are intended to encourage learning and discussion. More at



Plantation Life in Virginia Before the War Part 2

1. There_was_a_wedding_Bedington
There was a wedding in our neighborhood at Bedington, the home of the Bedingers, and my

2. sister_was_bridesmaid_Strother_WVU
3. to_her_cousin_Fannie_Davenport_wvhistoryonview
sister was bridesmaid to her cousin. In those days a house party was arranged in much more simple fashion than now. The houses had few rooms, but generally very large ones, and all the bridesmaids were quartered in one room. At this wedding there was a girl from Hoboken,

4. a_Miss_Sevens_Judy_James_Ware
a Miss Stevens, of the wealthy family of that name.

When my sister returned home she did not unpack her trunk until late at night. My father was sitting up reading, when she entered the room in great distress, holding in her hands Miss Stevens’s jewel-case, containing such jewels as we had never seen before. It was

5. midnight_and_very_cold
midnight and very cold, and a heavy snow was falling.

6. Frank_his_trusted_servant_Strother_WVU
My father sent for Frank, his trusted servant, and giving the case into his hands and telling him it was worth more than all he owned, ordered him to get a horse and ride to Bedington four miles distant and give the case into the hands of Miss Stevens, and no one else. Frank made the ride that stormy night and compelled the lady to come down in her night clothes and receive the jewel-case and write a letter of acknowledgement. Some careless maid had packed Miss Steven’s jewels in my sister’s trunk.

7. Before_the_railroad_Map_Maryland_1831
Before the railroad was built, Frank drove the wagon of flour to Baltimore, and, even after the railroad was built, still Frank went every year before Christmas to Baltimore

8. load_of_flour_Currier_Ives
with a load of flour, bringing back a load which made everybody, white and black, happy at that festival.

9. arrived_after_dark_Strother_Feb_1855_P_300
He generally arrived after dark, and the big canopied wagon was driven to the front door and left there during the night, the six great smoking horses having been led away to the stable. After supper the wagon was unloaded and the treasures revealed to us, the children.

In those days the factor, or commission merchant, had duties which are unknown now. When he sold the flour he filled orders for every conceivable want of the family. I met an old factor, after I came to Baltimore to live, who told me he had, with the assistance of his

10. entire_trousseau_of_many_a_bride_Metropolitan_Museum
wife, bought and had made up the entire trousseau of many a bride, besides outfits for the entire families of his friends in the country. The reader can imagine what an event Frank’s arrival with his wagon was to us. I have now a handsome service of china which was brought from Baltimore on Frank’s wagon. One Christmas observance the negroes had which was very peculiar.

11. when_the_hogs_were_killed_wikipedia
When the hogs were killed in December they preserved the bladders and, inflating them and tying the necks tightly to retain the air, they hung them up to dry, and on Christmas morning, while the stars were shining, they laid them on the frozen ground under the windows of the

12. and_exploded_them_by_stamping_on_them_Harpers_Aug_1872_P_350
white folks and exploded them by stamping on them, thus awakening the family and saluting them on the arrival of the great festival.

13. one_of_the_songs_Ox_Cart_Van_Gogh
I remember part of one of the songs which the ox-driver sang in a slow monotone, sitting on the pole of the ox-cart, and keeping time to the slow, swinging steps of the oxen: "See the bull go to school, hooie booie, hooie booie, See the bull go to school, hooie booie John. See the bull go to school, with his book on his horn, And that is the last of old blind John. See the cow build the mill, hooie booie, hooie booie, See the cow build the mill, hooie booie John. See the cow build the mill, water runnin’ up the hill, An that is the last of old blind John.” The verses were endless and seem to have been extemporized as he drove along.

14. The_masters_part_was_not_difficult_Harpers_August_1856_P_317
The master’s part was not difficult. He was kind because kindness paid him well. He took care of his slave because it was money in his pocket to do so, and money out of his pocket if he did not. Of course, there were other and higher motives in individuals, but we must look for a motive for the multitude. That the negro was better housed, better fed, better clothed, and better looked after in sickness than now, was simply because the owner had money at stake. He had warm clothing, plenty of wholesome food, and a good doctor when ill, because of that money.

In September the cloth and yarn for his winter clothing were brought home from the factory, and the work of making up began and was only finished at Christmas. In every household there was a woman who could cut out the garments, and all the younger girls had been taught how to sew and knit. During the year, all the girls, in clean frocks, assembled in some room in the great house every morning, and the class of sewers and knitters was presided over by some

15. spectacled_old_negro_woman_Sojourner_Truth_wikipedia
spectacled old negro woman, whose word was law to them. The work of making up the clothing and knitting yarn socks went on under her supervision, and at Christmas every man and woman on the place appeared in new clothes and new shoes and warm woolen stockings. Every man had an

16. overcoat_every_four_years_Strother_WVu_Stephen
overcoat every four years, and a flannel jacket, called by them a ’warmus’, to wear under his waistcoat in cold weather.

17. tobacco_was_issued_Dunhill
18. when_a_boy_I_loved_to_be_the_distributer_Srother_WVU_boy_smoking
His tobacco was issued to him once a week, and when a boy I loved to be the distributer. Sometimes it was bought in kegs of about 100 pounds, and was called ‘black-strap’, and one

19. Some_of_them_chewed_it_Kennedy_Swallow_Barn_P_405
20. smoked_it_in_their_corncob_pipes_Kennedy_Swallow_Barn_P_448
strap, sometimes two, was the ration. Some of them chewed it and some of them smoked it in their corncob pipes, when tobacco was raised from the virgin soil. Every year a farmer would clear a small patch of ground, sufficient for the wants of his farm, and plant it in tobacco. The fragrance of the negro’s corncob pipe was notorious, and was due to the fact that no fertilizer had been used in growing his tobacco.

21. smoke


Ranson, A. R. H. “Reminiscences of a Civil War Staff Officer By A Confederate Staff Officer, First Paper: Plantation Life in Virginia Before the War.” The Sewanee Review. Vol. 21, No. (4 Oct. 1913), pp. 428-447.

Ranson, A. R. H. “Reminiscences of a Civil War Staff Officer By A Confederate Staff Officer, First Paper: Plantation Life in Virginia Before the War.” The Sewanee Review.
Internet Archives. 26 January 1997 Web. 20 January 2014. 26 January 1997 Web. 20 January 2014.

Lick Run Plantation – West Virginia Division of Culture and History 2 March 2000 Web. 20 January 2014

History coming alive: The Lick Run Plantation
June 20, 2010 The Journal News
Don C. Wood, Historical society 16 August 2000 Web. 24 January 2014.

Stone homes in Berkeley County are rare, but our Fall Tour is fortunate to be able to showcase five – one in Bedington, two in Martinsburg, one in Arden and one in Jones Springs. Our sixth home is a "green" and eco-friendly home located at Broomgrass in beautiful Back Creek Valley.

One of the finest, early, native limestone farm complexes in our country is the Lick Run Plantation, located at 1210 Bedington Road. The complex consists of a beautiful stone mansion, a huge stone barn and a stone mill. The mansion house has never before been open to the public.

The Light family was a very well-known family of Berkeley County. In 1816, Samuel Light sold the Peter Light mill, stone house and barn to Henry Bedinger and Stephen W. Foreman.

A court suit in Chancery Court decreed that Foreman owned one-third interest in the mill tract of 306 acres and one-third in the Hock tract of land. They were put up at an auction on May 13, 1829. Bedinger had pulled down the old log mill and built the beautiful, native limestone mill building in 1816.

The notice in the Martinsburg Gazette read as follows: "The Hoke tract has the largest limestone spring in Berkeley County. The 300 acre tract is improved with a merchant mill, dwelling house, kitchen and large barn, all built of stone. Also a miller house and sundry outbuildings."

Bedinger purchased the one-third interest giving him full ownership. Major Bedinger did not live on the Lick Plantation but at his 1802 stone house, Protuma, south of Martinsburg. Later the area around the mill took the name of Bedington after Bedinger. (After the death in 1843 of Bedinger, Elizabeth Bedinger Davenport inherited the Bedington Lick Mill tract with 306 acres and the adjoining Hoke tract of 154 acres. At her death in 1865, the Bedington tract then went to Frances W. Gibson, wife of John Thomas Gibson, who sold the Lick Farm in 1865 to John and Emanuel Kennedy). A court case developed and the Lick Farm was sold for ,250 to John Kennedy.…

bridesmaid to the wedding was Georgianna Hite (Ranson) Washington – the daughter of James Lackland Ranson by his wife Frances Madison Hite she was born ca. 1822 @ Jefferson County, Virginia now West Virginia she married 22 Oct. 1845 @ Charles Town, Jefferson County, Virginia now West Virginia to Benjamin Franklin Washington son of John Thornton Augustine Washington by his wife Elizabeth Conrad Bedinger & died December 3, 1860 @ San Francisco, San Francisco County, California.

Miller, Thomas C.; Hu Maxwell. (1912). “West Virginia and Its People, Vol. 3.” New York, NY: Lewis Historical Company. Print.

Miller, Thomas C.; Hu Maxwell. (1912). “West Virginia and Its People, Vol. 3.” 24 November 2005 Web. 25 January 2014. p. 1204.…

1. James Lackland Ranson, b. Dec 1821
2. Deborah Frances Ranson, b. 29 Nov 1823
3. Ambrose A. M. Ranson, b. 21 Jan 1827
4. Sarah Elizabeth Bibb Ranson, b. 21 Aug 1829
5. Ambrose Robert Hite Ranson, b. 12 Apr 1831
6. Georgiana Ranson b: 1822

United States. Bureau of the Census; United States. National Archives and Records Service. (1964). “Population schedules of the seventh census of the United States, 1850, Virginia.” [microform] (Volume Reel 0953 – 1850 Virginia Federal Population Census Free Schedules – Jackson, James City, and Jefferson Counties).” Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. Print.

United States. Bureau of the Census; United States. National Archives and Records Service. (1964). “Population schedules of the seventh census of the United States, 1850, Virginia.” [microform] (Volume Reel 0953 – 1850 Virginia Federal Population Census Free Schedules – Jackson, James City, and Jefferson Counties).” Internet Archives. 31 July 2008. Web. 3 February 2014.

Jefferson County, Virginia
28 1187 1202 Ranson James L. 59 M WFarmer 61,200 VA
29 1187 1202 Ranson Frances M. 58 F W VA
30 1187 1202 Washington Georgana 28 F W VA
31 1187 1202 Ranson Bettie B. 20 F W VA
32 1187 1202 Ranson Ambrose R. 19 M W VA X
33 1187 1202 Ranson James F. 17 M W Va X
34 1187 1202 Washington John J. 4 M W VA
35 1187 1202 Washington Franklin B. 2 M W VA

Image Credits:

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Old Mill at Bedington; Martinsburg, W. Va. (041803) 9 October 2010 Web. 26 January 2014.;op2…

Mrs. John Thomas Gibson (d: 1909) 9 October 2010 Web. 26 January 2014.;op2…

Mary Picton Stevens (May 19, 1840 – September 21, 1903), who went on to marry Virginia politician Muscoe Russell Hunter Garnett 27 July 2001 Web. 18 January 2014.

Mary Picton Lewis & son, Edwin Augustus Stevens Lewis
Photo owned by James and Judy Ware
John Reagan
Mrs. Judy C. Ware
2716 Jaclyns Trail
Edmond, OK 73012 28 June 20-12 Web. 26 January 2014.

File:American Homestead Winter – Currier and Ives.png 24 July 2003 Web. 26 January 2014.…

Strother, David H., "Virginia Illustrated." Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, New York, NY: Harper and Bros. Volume 11, Issue: 63, (Aug., 1855). pp. 289-311. Print.

Strother, David H., "Virginia Illustrated." Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. Cornell Digital Library – The Making of America. 19 July 2011. Web. 29 January 2014.

p. 289 the whipper full…

Strother, David H., "Virginia Illustrated." Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, New York, NY: Harper and Bros. Volume 10, Issue: 57, (Feb., 1855). pp. 289-310. Print.

Strother, David H., "Virginia Illustrated." Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. Cornell Digital Library – The Making of America. 19 July 2011. Web. 29 January 2014.
teamster p. 300…

Sojourner Truth – Carte de Visite 27 July 2001 Web. 18 January 2014.

Ox Cart in the Snow by Vincent Van Gogh 29 October 2010 Web. 26 January 2014.

“The factor” commission merchant
Strother, David Hunter
Dove Baggage Master Dec. 1st 1858. Baltimore 6 August 2004 Web. 20 January 2014.;op2…

Strother, David Hunter; Lock’s Old Stephen. 1845. Martinsburg Va. 6 August 2004 Web. 20 January 2014.;op2…

“Ambrose Ranson smoking a cigar”
Strother, David Hunter; Martinsburg 1845 6 August 2004 Web. 20 January 2014.;op2…

“Farm Gate”
Strother, David Hunter; Martinsburg October 2nd, 1859 6 August 2004 Web. 20 January 2014.;op2…

canopied wagon
Strother, David Hunter; Montgomery Geb. 7th 1857. 6 August 2004 Web. 20 January 2014.;op2…

horses eating hay
Strother, David Hunter; Untitled 6 August 2004 Web. 20 January 2014.;op2…

tobacco plants in spring 27 July 2001 Web. 18 January 2014.…

Mr. Fezziwig’s Ball
Dickens, Charles. (December, 1843). “A Christmas Carol.” Illustrated by John Leech. Chapman & Hall, 186, Strand: London. Print.

Dickens, Charles. (December, 1843). “A Christmas Carol.” Internet Archives. 26 January 1997 Web. 20 January 2014.…

Baltimore City 1850s
painting by George A. Frederick 28 January 2011 Web. 24 January 2014.

Map of the country embracing the various routes surveyed for the Balt. & Ohio Rail Road by order of the Board of Engineers. Drawn by Lt. J. Barney, U.S. Army. 4 May 1999 Web. 27 January 2014.

Wedding (dress) 1820-1869, Plate 075
Costume Institute Fashion Plates. Metropolitan Museum of Art Libraries 12 February 2011 Web. 24 January 2014.…

Delft plate (1760-1780) 27 July 2001 Web. 18 January 2014.…

Two Boys Blowing a Bladder by Candle-light 27 July 2001 Web. 18 January 2014.…

Two Boys Blowing a Bladder by Candle-light
Mediumaquatint, red and brown print

Eleazer Hutchinson Miller (American artist, 1831–1921) Selling Christmas Greens 10 June 2010 Web. 26 January 2014.

Eastman Johnson (American painter, 1824-1906) Christmas Time the Blodgett Family 1864 5 February 1998 Web. January 25 2014.…

Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Tobacco, 1990’s Murray
Date15 March 2007
SourceOwn work
AuthorSjschen (Sjschen) 27 July 2001 Web. 18 January 2014.…

some men chewed it
Kennedy, John P. (1856). “Swallow barn; or, A sojourn in the Old Dominion.” revised edition. New York, NY: G. P. Putnam & Sons. Print.

Kennedy, John P. (1856). “Swallow barn; or, A sojourn in the Old Dominion.” revised edition. Internet Archive 26 January 1997 Web. 20 January 2014. 26 January 1997 Web. 20 January 2014.

Eastman Johnson. (painting) The Chimney Corner, 1863. Oil on canvas. 39.37 x 33.655 cm. (15½" x 13¼")
Museum of Art, Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute (Utica, New York, United States).

Eastman Johnson (American painter, 1824-1906) Fiddling His Way 1866 Detail.
Eastman Johnson – Fiddling His Way – Oil on canvas – 24.35 x 36.25 in – 1866 – Scanned from Eastman Johnson: Painting America – fig 78 pg 149
Author died more than 70 years ago – public domain 24 July 2003 Web. 26 January 2014.…

live news
Image by BostonCatholic
JERUSALEM (April 15, 2013) – Cardinal Seán and a group of 29 priests of the Archdiocese of Boston have traveled on an Easter pilgrimage to the Holy Land this week, and they’re bringing the readers of blog along with them.

On the last day of their pilgrimage, the pilgrims began by walking the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross, the path through the streets of Jerusalem that Jesus walked with the Cross to the Crucifixion. After celebrating Mass, they thanked those who had taken care of them on their pilgrimage and prepared for their flights home. As they waited, news of the bombings at the Boston Marathon back home reached the pilgrims and they united themselves in prayer with those who were hurt, their families, and the emergency workers who rushed to care for them.

All this week, our colleague George Martell is traveling with the pilgrimage, embedded with the Cardinal and his priests so we can bring you photos, blogs, videos, and audio reports from the Holy Land from the pilgrims at such places as the Basilica of the Annunciation, Mount Carmel, the Sea of Galilee, the Church of the Transfiguration, Qumran, the Mount of Olives, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Upper Room, and more. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Jesus with Cardinal Seán and the Archdiocese’s priests as an Easter retreat experience.

Please stay tuned to, as well as and and our Facebook Page at and Twitter account: for the latest updates from the Holy Land.

(Photo credit: George Martell/ This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Image from page 19 of “The sanitary news : healthy homes and healthy living : a weekly journal of sanitary science” (1886)
live news
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: sanitarynewsheal08chic
Title: The sanitary news : healthy homes and healthy living : a weekly journal of sanitary science
Year: 1886 (1880s)
Subjects: Sanitation Sanitation
Publisher: Chicago : The Sanitary News
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons and the National Endowment for the Humanities

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:

Text Appearing After Image:
teaffiggggSk NG.I2Q .25 persq. ft. N0.I2I .50 persq. ft. NO. 122 .50 per sq. ft.

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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Image by larryrrr

Image by whizchickenonabun

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Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde 2011
morocco music
Image by herr_S

Gojira au boulevard 2007 (journée Metal)
morocco music
Image by dequoi
Gojira en plein set au boulevard 2007

Mayercraft 2009 – DSC_5687.JPG
morocco music
Image by Flickred!

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