WWDC 2011: Biggest News To Watch On

The WWDC, Worldwide Developers Conference, is an annual event held by Apple in June to introduce new softwares, new technologies and new products. Opened from 10 am on 6th June in San Francisco, the WWDC 2011’s is a big day for Apple fans with the theme “Unveil the Future of IOS and Mac OS” – “Reveal the future of the IOS and Mac OS” and announcement of iTunes In The Cloud, iCloud, iTunes Match, Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5.


iTunes In The Cloud

Apple’s iTunes can be benefited a lot thanks to iTunes in the cloud. The device will point out and match the songs (up to 18 million songs) when they are transferred from music library to iCloud. Amazingly, the process will take a few minutes.

iTunes In The Cloud



Apple’s cloud-based storage service offers a huge capacity for iOS to access apps, documents, ebooks, music, picture and contacts. The product will be available in Fall 2011 and appraised at no cost. The product can be applied on any Apple device.

WWDC 2011 – Biggest News to Watch


iTunes Match

Users often download and store music via iTunes. Some of them, in the other hands, want to put their store music files obtained outside of iTunes. At the situation, the Apple’s iCloud $ 24.99 premium service will help you with keeping unlimited number of files.

iTunes Match


Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion gives users with many new features like multi-touch gestures, full-screen and a “more multi-touch gesture”. OS X Lion would be available to download from Mac App from July 2011 at the price of $ 29.99.

Mac OS X Lion


iOS 5

iOS 5 will be applied at no cost for any Phone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPad 2 third and fourth generation iPod Touch. With iOS device, you can get all kinds of notifications from new email, friend requests and text.

iOS 5


Apple WWDC 2011 Predictions


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