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22 comments to Watch Dogs Drama & Latest News

  • Carter Byers  says:

    i still think its gonna be amazing its just really something that hasn’t
    been done before.. hacking in a videogame that is open world i mean in a
    way it has but i think it will be amazing and something fresh and exciting?

  • Jack Savage  says:

    How does one get an awesome name like yours and have the ability to kill a
    person with your mind.?

  • 0_o Xearrik Game Channel  says:

    I still haven’t decided if I’m going to play this. I may put some gameplay
    of it up on my channel, but I still don’t even know how the game will
    really play. ?

  • MUSIKO  says:

    People that say graphics dont matter and purchased a xbox one and ps4
    should be ashamed. if graphics did not matter why did you spend money on a
    next gen console, i spent 500 on xbox one and Next gen graphics are to be
    expected. i was going to buy but now im going to wait. ?

  • Michael Kelly  says:

    I’m still getting the game, I thought the new story trailer was fricken
    awesome. I have had, my copy of watch dogs for wii u on pre order. Since
    may of last year! And really look forward, to see how they utilize the
    gamepad for the hacking side side of things.?

  • Mr Advil  says:

    Hell No I want buy Watch Dogs. Ubisoft has dicked me around so much I will
    never buy Ubisoft again! This game is another false advertisement. The
    trailers at teh PS4 event and the ones they showed this week are 2
    different products in my eyes. Misleading and shady!?

  • Weedus2  says:

    Hehe,for the Gamer-Masterrace like you say,there is no problem in not so
    nice graphics,cause 1 week after release a modder guy already found out how
    to enable all the stuff from 2012 E3 Demo hidden in the Game.
    I guess the removed it to make it able to run on 30 fps in high resolution
    on consols cause they would not able to handle the original graphics made
    for PC 😉
    Each Game looks best on PC,it also plays better,only very few games can be
    played good with a Gamepad.Remember where they wanted to make crossover
    multiplayer pc and consoles?? They never did it cause in ever test the PC
    Gamers wiped the Floor with the Gamepad-Limited Console Guys.Aiming just
    works so much better and faster with a Mouse that Mouse-PC Gamers and
    Console Gamers would never have a fair competition,not even considering the
    better fps on pcs 😉
    Yeah,were PC Gamers are realy the Gaming Masterrace lol ;)?

  • Dingo Egret  says:

    Its like this guy never heard of bullshots or vertical slices and why they
    are unethical, deceitful, anti consumer practices that plague the gaming
    industry. “Guys dont criticize them because of graphics!” Not enough face
    palms for this. People are criticizing them for revealing that they
    artificially altered their gameplay footage in the 2012 trailer. Stop
    fueling the anti consumer culture.?

  • ixCeLiFyHD  says:

    I’m a Cyber Security Major so I’m Hyped for this game!!!!!?

  • NovaStone  says:

    The second you said “so i stabbed his dead corpse” i was hooked, not
    because of the the dead corpse or anything, but the funny irony?

  • WakerProductions  says:

    Even most really good PCs could not handle max with 4k right??

  • JAGUARCD32X  says:

    I shall be buying the PC version and cannot wait. Other than better
    graphics it will also run at 60fps on PC so no horrible compromised 30fps
    as it causes controller lag , I like slick responsive controls.

    I believe it also has some unique NVIDIA features as well so maybe PhysX
    and NVIDIA’s DX11 enhanced shadows and of course 3D Play TV is a dead cert.

    Of course it won’t look or run as good on PS4 or XB1 compared to PC but it
    will still be a great game regardless I think. The whole hacking looks
    unique and all that will still work the same regardless of a visuals

    Some people on other youtube articles are talking about how they are not
    going to bother with the game now because the next-gen trailer doesn’t look
    as good as the PC version but that is idiotic , I mean all games look
    better on PC but it doesn’t mean you should ignore the console versions lol?

  • growlingbehemoth  says:

    Publishers needs to cut the crap with these visual bait and switches. ?

  • Dagobert Duck  says:

    whats the Music in the beginning??

  • Christopher Byng  says:

    Getting it for Wii U.?

  • Unknown-Revolver  says:

    Stop covering up the game , they completely screw it up look at this shit
    now Gameplay and graphics look terrible and the game is going to come out
    in 2 months. False advertisement i was really excited for this game but now
    i’m not even going to bother buying it. When i imagine ubisoft called this
    game a GTA V killer lol GTFO ubisoft there isn’t even blood in this game
    while it’s an 18 yr rated game?

  • LegendaryODSTStudios  says:

    I honestly have to say, Watch_Dogs still looks amazing to me. Yeah, I
    noticed a small amount of difference in the graphics, but honestly, the
    features and story have me gripped so much I still can’t wait. That’s why
    my PC is so horrible, I could care less about graphics, I play on a PC as
    well to see what PC has to offer. Also, love the shirt my friend :3?

  • Barley Mow  says:

    I’m picking this up for the X1 and I can say this might be the 2nd best
    game of the year!!!! ( Titanfall is still my #1 )?

  • Super Kong Galaxy  says:

    I definetely be buying Watch_Dogs!!! …..as soon as it’s released on the
    Wii U.?

  • Francisco Orozco  says:

    Getting it for the Wii u?

  • SamuelGaming  says:

    Also I bet this trailer was using the 360 & PS3 graphics. ?

  • Amine Bashir  says:

    I’ll buy it just on the idea alone, I want to see how this hacking thing
    and random events play out. I’m a sucker for open world multiplayer as well
    so count me in. My PS4 is ready. ?

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