VGN – XBOX 720 [SPECS] DELAYED | Dogfight 1942 Gameplay

VGN - XBOX 720 [SPECS] DELAYED | Dogfight 1942 Gameplay

Xbox 720 Specs and Delays – Gameplay from Dogfight 1942 • Twitter: • Like on Facebook: • Google +: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – BREAKING NEWS – Gaming & Tech Industry • VGN – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sources Microsoft Xbox Next Delay Rumors & Specs: Gamestop expecting 1 new console in 2013: CVG Chip Problems could delay Xbox 720: Need a professional or Youtube background? Contact PixelsToLife: https Receive exclusive discounts when you mention THE RED DRAGON Check out ControllerCare for top of the line custom controllers. Use the code “TRD” for a discount. | For custom controllers contact “TigerControllers” on Skype

24 comments to VGN – XBOX 720 [SPECS] DELAYED | Dogfight 1942 Gameplay

  • Death900600  says:

    If you’re going to act? like a seven year old fanboy douche, leave. Don’t even watch the video.

  • Cathy Nora  says:

    40K xbox live points free giveaway


  • abycab ayele  says:

    GS3. Gay station 4. ?

  • maureenjerry75  says:

    free xbox live points no surveys
    free xbox live points no surveys

  • Catherine Kemper  says:

    It gaystation can not even have? Party chat because its ram sucks dick and the Xbox is so much better when your talking to people you know not just some Radom fags in game chat aka gaystation.

  • falknerpatrick64  says:

    @axlr8 thanks for sharing this site now I have 800 points? on my xbox live account.

  • Eric Cant  says:

    Someone jules? Carlos

  • NoNamed971  says:

    you are looking at a 700 dollar console?

  • Carlos Umanzor  says:

    .|. Xbox360 can suck my dickis all? about playstation 3

  • st3v3npwnz  says:

    Id rather have the Xbox come out in 2014 because last time ps3 was a year later and they had better performance, bigger hd , WiFi and gyroscopes in controller, even after all that I still choose Xbox over ps3 allday , but if Xbox has more time I’m? sure no one will be disssapointed

  • Megatronicful  says:

    Halo? 4 aint!

  • DJHeroMasterPro123  says:

    Every? game that is on console is on PC lol halo is on PC

  • MegaUnavailableusern  says:

    id prefer? a ps4/720 than a current high end pc anyday

  • Thedargameing  says:

    If the? xbox 720 sounds this bad I’m going to PC but I really don’t want to theres no HALO on PC oh I don’t know what to do : (

  • lethalfarts  says:

    i hope the next generation of? consoles are inexpensive.

  • Nicholas Shelley  says:

    Great Job man. I understand? it’s all rumor at this point, but I really appreciate what you’re doing. Thanks again.

  • crazyivan96  says:

    My guess? is, hd 7770 for the xbox 720, gtx 650 for the playstation 4. The Wii U is already using a hd 6770. (these are my guesses)

  • drago6060  says:

    how about zotac 640 (i think that would perform bad or good dont? know

  • Th3Troll3rRoll3r  says:

    Simple like your mind
    Both MS and PS3 lost money on their current Gen hardware, just so they could get it out
    Fuck you really don’t know shit do you??

  • TheRubberMatch  says:

    it’s probably gonna be like 800$, just get a gaming pc for? that price

  • HellGamer115  says:

    yeah u have to buy the consoles, wi-fi card, xbox live, and? fix red ring of death

  • corydog3  says:

    ps4 still going to out do the new xbox but both will both? be very good.

  • austinutube98  says:

    OUYA, runs android super cheap may? come out, look it up

  • rk3yb0arD  says:

    @KillRVenom whilst this is true you also forget… its still going to be expensive… even if they get a discount they wont get that big of a discount on the parts they want in the 720’s ps4’s and so on? becuase they are wanting graphics cards like gtx 670’s in them and they wont get a huge break on the technology

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