17 comments to TYT Now – TYT Now (Full Show): News Of The World, Vaccinations & More

  • Rastameans  says:


  • Rastameans  says:


  • luchpockets  says:

    Tina, Congratulations on your new gig !

  • CelphProclaimed  says:

    @TheGiantRobot What are you talking about? “The few times stats are available, they indicate [vaccines don’t work]” Really? What do the stats indicate about the Smallpox vaccine? Tetanus? Rabies? You can try and make the argument that some vaccines do not work as well as advertised, as soon as you try and make the argument that vaccines in general do not work you lose all credibility, period. Go watch Alex Jones.

  • alphalux  says:

    Tina, is that Chaplin on your laptop?

  • Mutex50  says:

    It is awesome that Tina is such a skeptic.

  • mikel1982  says:

    @ootandaboot1 wrong channel duh

  • ootandaboot1  says:

    these other anchors are dust. more cenk and ana!

  • VincentVinnieVegas  says:

    She Actually TOOK the vaccine!?

  • thewarriorhuntress  says:

    @satbir129 So an old horny man? XD

  • Invaishir  says:

    I am so hard for… tim.


    Were you born a man?????? I wouldn’t fuck you.You’re scarey.

  • FoxMedina  says:

    thought the horns were on purpose

  • flake452  says:

    @TheGiantRobot Well the work because people get immune to them by taking the vacine.

  • TheGiantRobot  says:

    How do you know they work? The few times stats are available, they indicate exactly the opposite.

    These American companies aren’t really American, they are international. Did you hear about Baxter, with Bayer and Armour, knowingly selling AIDS infected drugs in the 70s-80s with FDA knowledge? Maybe. Did you hear about them sending out live avian flu in their h1n1 vaccine? Almost certainly not, and you know why? Because the FDA and the American press have their back.

  • Makosis  says:

    Any time anyone giving you health advice uses the word “toxin”, smack them then run.

  • andiamoci22  says:

    Tina has trouble making a sentence without rem… um… eh,,, .Difficult to listen to.

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