TYT – Extended Clip July 26, 2011

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 comments to TYT – Extended Clip July 26, 2011

  • Fly2Azeroth  says:

    I will stay hear in Europe

  • MrRager84  says:

    holy shit who’s the blonde at 27:41?

  • TheGravygun  says:

    I tink he is on drugs honey?

  • FrogsGames  says:

    I got bored and searched my birth date. Hmm.

  • Partyffs  says:

    “And i give onto thee all the seed bearing plants” bible.
    PS correct pronunciation of bible is( bi-bli.)

  • Partyffs  says:

    @mdt2189 amen ^^

  • mdt2189  says:

    I hate the large banks. To learn more about them, you should google Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist: Addendum.

  • jpkm123  says:

    @Shangori I’m from Europe as well which is why TYT pisses me off when they pronounce on matters they clearly haven’t done the slighest bit of research on.

  • musicbcwalk  says:

    Love Cenk cause he’s fuckin real.

  • downwithbreeders  says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah SMOKE! blah blah blah blah SMOKE! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah SMOKE!

  • downwithbreeders  says:

    Just to let everyone know I’m not racist, but, tele-prompters are nigga-technology!

  • 157626  says:

    Amazing – You can’t make this stuff up!

  • thesarcasticliberal  says:

    Cenk is my favorite liberal sources of information (second being Olbermann). Cenk doesn’t distort facts, has an insightful take on subjects, and is amusing. Being an unemployed PoliSci grad i started a blog giving a liberal take on current events while trying to be amusing? at the same time. While I admit that I am not in the same league as Cenk, I believe that people who enjoy the young turks would enjoy my writing. Comments and critique are very welcome


  • robertb2468  says:

    I see we have a lot TEAPARTY HOBBITS here,Thanks John McCain for the new and proper name for this cult that you presented on the senate floor.

  • MorbidAngelification  says:

    I <3 TYT extended clips!

  • SuperRenata23  says:

    look at this woman she has putt on so much weight she looks like an elephabt!!!

  • 55Armen55  says:

    sooner or later a total default will happen. eventually the u.s.a. will have the same credit rating as zimbabwe. the average life expectancy of americans will plummet. our infrastructure is going to crumble. schools & hospitals will close. there will be food shortages. electric utilities will function either erratically or not at all. drinking water will become unsafe. civil order will collapse. conservatrolls will dance in the streets because all their dreams finally came true.

  • Nilguiri  says:

    Look at Lucas’s face at 29:03 when Jayar says, “No, black guy!”.

  • jas16899  says:

    Michael Schur? I don’t know if I spelled it right but you did a good job being practical and critical on the obvious issues. This is the guy I want to hear more from!

  • Giftzwerg76  says:

    “I can’t wait to dig into this cake later, but now we talk about abortion”. Epic quote right there.

  • loveofkemet  says:

    death to the banks!!!
    death to the Fed!!!
    death to big oil!!!

  • Atrofia2  says:

    Hey they need those ohio babies to be born to get them imprisoned or who do you think is going to fill those prisons. The guy should sue the fuck out of chase

  • Atrofia2  says:

    This people are bringing america to its knees. What are Americans are waiting to tell them that we will not accept this shit. Obviously diplomacy is not working here.

  • Atrofia2  says:

    Some of this laws are anticonstitutional. Why americans dont grow balls and paralize the whole country and take it to the streets and ask for this people to be remove. Take them to the court and sue them for violating the constitution and passing laws like the one in arizona who said that everyone who looks latino can be stoped to make a investigatiion to see if there are legal. Thats insane

  • strawberriesncandii  says:

    That man should sue Chase for what they did to the guy and fire the woman mad a big shit about the check.

  • marvelous3999  says:

    unless the social system is progressive, its pointless to blame the rich to fund it. you dont villify the poeple you want money from. we hate the rich, so give us your money. does that make since? the argument is that those who need the government should work for it. being poor in not a right.

  • bberra93  says:

    TYT review this clip /watch?v=Cwh06CNy_Os <3

  • MGsven  says:

    logic by palin:
    i lied to someone, then i killed him since i already broke my moral code u know….
    when a rediculious argument, can u say dumb slut!!

  • yauden  says:

    “that’s why they call it loosing your Virginity” Ummmm Okay so when you LOSE your wallet… that another way of saying someone STOLE your wallet ??? TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT things…. LOSING SOMETHING AND SOMETHING BEING STOLEN… can’t be more dumb… ugh! Please Stop….

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