TWC News Austin: High School Blitz Interview with Apollos Hester

TWC News Austin full video: TWC News Austin reporter Lauren Mickler and videographer Jesse Moloney interview East View High School Football player Apollos Hester after…
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Subscribe to VICE News here: Almost 800 men have been held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility since it was established in 2002. Today, fewer than…
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20 comments to TWC News Austin: High School Blitz Interview with Apollos Hester

  • VICE News  says:

    Today, fewer than 150 inmates remain at Guantanamo. This is our look
    inside. Click to subscribe for more:

  • RoyalGaming  says:

    For you assholes saying “Islam causes only war and bloodshed” remind me of
    what the crusades were about and what they were essentially for? I can say
    things about Christianity, Catholicism and Jewish people just as much as
    you people say about Islamists. Just because a small group does bad doesn’t
    mean everyone is terrible. It’s the same logic as all of you idiots who see
    one cop shoot someone and then say “cops are terrible, stupid ass pigs”.
    Just because one person does bad doesn’t make everyone terrible people,
    you’re just intolerant cunts and it would be much better if you just were
    honest and admitted it instead of blaming another religion even though more
    than likely your religions have done just as much in the past.?

  • chownful  says:

    Fucking Gitmo prisoners have PS3s to play? The place turned from a
    “hardcore torture detention camp” to some type of summer island halfway
    house for addicts.?

  • martthesling  says:

    If those prisoners were released the first kind of people they would kill
    would be Vice journalists. ?

  • Trend101Warrior  says:

    Man, this girl is so fucking hot and sexy, because of her face and short
    hair and the beauty surrounding her. I would love to have a taste in her.?

  • Samuel Erwin  says:

    These reporters left a bad taste in my mouth. The men at Guantanamo are
    housed here because they did something terrible, not because they stole a
    car or something minimal. Whoever these 2 women are, they attempt to
    get sketchy answers to easy questions just for the sake of “journalism.”
    “What is it you’re fishing for…” explains it all. Lets keep these two on
    the sidelines and keep any form of voice for your company out of the
    spotlight, because it put a negative light on VICE as a company in my

  • shizle Hizle  says:

    So many dumbass neocons here. Close off Guantanamo, stop all aid to
    countries like israel and the syrian “rebels” GTFO out of the Middle East,
    and focus on AMERICA. Libertarianism is the only ideology that will save
    this country.?

  • Sitara04  says:

    Its all about not wanting to waste money, now money has more value than

  • newyorkhc84  says:

    I know vice is a lIberal organization but this shit is over the top but
    this reporter is a raging liberal cunt.?

  • Ben Peters  says:

    Remember these people threatened, or have tried to kill hundreds of people
    before in there lifetime, why are we releasing these people, try to kill
    U.S citizens, and you expect to be treated well, idiots.?

  • nooberinho  says:

    Fucking hell, talk about a biased reporter. She knows the exact reason she
    cant ask these questions but continues anyway and criticizes them when they
    refuse. If they are guilty they deserve every ounce of punishment they get,
    if they are innocent they should be released. Case closed.?

  • AmarNathan  says:

    Its funny how they say most notorious, dangerous, people in the world and
    dont wannt them in out back yeard. Well not sure if you’ve seen prison any
    documentaries; cause I see we already have lot more bad motha fukas in our
    state and federal prisons then these skinny ass middle eastern people. ?

  • mackadocious  says:

    Terry Holdbrooks is a good man for speaking out about the abuse he
    witnessed. This country needs more whistleblowers like him. ?

  • David Venegas  says:

    For pragmatic purposes Vice should have sent a Male for this story because
    of the sexist soldiers. ?

  • octojoe  says:

    There should be a law that religion can only be practised at home,it’s
    obvious that religion has done more harm than good infact i find it hard to
    believe that in 2015 people still talk about the man in the sky ,childish
    delusional and useless,grow up people.?

  • afropunk90  says:

    fuck any right-wing republican hillbilly who condones what they do to the
    prisoners at Guantanamo, you sadistic fuckers need to be gassed?

  • Reza Rezvani  says:

    kill all this moslim, thay are evil and dirty. fuck islam?

  • BakedAlaska  says:

    Why was she asking the soldiers how they felt about Islam and what they
    knew about it when it was said a majority WERE NOT Al Qaeda fighters (So
    you can assume, many would be other religions other than Muslims. Girl was
    way to opinionated to be a good journalist. ?

  • BloodMoneyDown  says:

    I fucking hate George Bush he is a major cunt that didn’t get tried for war
    crimes he committed and crimes against his own country.?

  • Catopus  says:

    they get a fucking ds? I guess im gonna go bomb some buildings then….?

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