Thomas Shahan (and a Salticid) on NBC’s The Today Show!

A few nice live news images I found:

Thomas Shahan (and a Salticid) on NBC’s The Today Show!
live news
Image by Thomas Shahan
I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to announce this to everyone before the show aired, but I didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone about it until it all happened.

Here’s the short story: NBC noticed my photography via a slideshow posted on, I got in contact with them, they thought I would be good for a short interview on the show, they flew me up to NYC, set me up in a hotel, had me live on national television the next morning, and then sent me right back home!

I think it all went quite well considering I’ve never been asked to do anything even remotely like this before – I said what I wanted to say and NBC showed all the photos I chose for the segment (though they did oddly stretch out the sides of a few photos). Additionally, I had a wonderful time in NYC and had a great time just wandering the streets (seeing Fred Armisen out and about too was a highlight of the trip!) I’d like to thank all the folks at NBC that helped me out with the appearance and they were all more than helpful and friendly throughout the whole process.

Here’s a link to the video courtesy Sam Martin aka abikeOdyssey:

And here’s the slideshow NBC put together of my work:…


In other news – I have a large amount of arthropod photos I haven’t even gotten around to editing yet, so bear with me and fairly soon I should get some more photos up!

For those of you interested, I will probably be posting some new artwork on my other flickr account sometime soon:

And my youtube videos can be accessed here:

Shibuya Crossing
live news
Image by Rambo2100
It seems every live news cross to Japan features the Shibuya scramble! It’s also a favourite location for (Japanese) movies…

Exile are a popular Japanese boy band..annually top of the charts along with AKB48 and similar groups.

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