The vibrant features of Cintiq 24HD

Technology is so indispensable to us that we cannot imagine a day in our life without it. We are so much attached to it that in a sense we have surrendered ourselves to it and have become its slaves. Cintiq 24HD is one such gift of technology that has taken the people by awe. In this gadget, state-of-the art technology meets impressive design. The gadget has been exclusively designed to cater for the requirements of professionals working in the graphics domain. This interactive pen display from Wacom is a new innovation for people working in 3D design, animation, game development, industrial design and visual effects who are at no cost willing to compromise with image quality, ergonomics and comfort. This battery free and cordless pen delivers 2048 degrees of sensitivity and using the pen would make one feel the ease with which anything can be written.


Compared to the older version the new Cintiq HD has screen that is three inches larger and covers a greater color gamut at 92% of Adobe RGB. It helps you work in a myriad of positions, thanks to the huge bezels for resting your elbows on and housing large scroll-wheel controls, as well as a sturdy spring-loaded base. It has ten individually configurable Express Keys, two handy Touch Rings, and above all the specially designed stand that allows you to select a working position, away from the desk, much like a drawing table.


The quality of the IPS-based screen panel is simply one of its kinds. It displays consistent colorful pictures that were flawless independent of the angle you are looking at. Wacom says that Cintiq24HD can be color calibrated with any professional color management solution. To speak about the technological features of the products there are touch sensitive wheels and buttons with which you can easily manage any parameters that is desired by you from zoom to brush size.


The icing on the cake lies with the fact that you can even get the tools personalized depending on the running application. There is even no need to use the keyboard with the combination of side function buttons, the touch wheel and the on-screen keyboard.


With these divine and magical features at your disposal Cintiq 24HD is a true delight to the professionals involved in animation and designs.

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