The Ski Team – Breaking News (Acura commercial FULL song)

A piano piece from the 2013 Acura MDX commercial “MADE FOR MANKIND.” Created by The Ski Team. Their website here: You can buy the trac…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

9 comments to The Ski Team – Breaking News (Acura commercial FULL song)

  • kendall jones  says:

    i feel the emotion through this song wow?

  • Knuckles0918  says:

    GP Boxing brought me here “2013 boxing in review”?

  • kendall jones  says:

    Music like this will give the world PEACE AND LOVE

  • TheMedina77  says:


  • Dakota Bowerman  says:

    1:06 Kills me

  • SOLARJOLT  says:

    Why does this song have to be so short??? :'(

  • Th3ArcticFaux  says:


  • Robothegreatful - Where Games Live!  says:

    DUDE! Thank you so much. Beautiful song.

  • iban1045  says:

    This song is amazing

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