The Bill Cosby Sex Tape! (Breaking News!!)

The Bill Cosby Sex Tape! (Comedy Sketch) This is a parody for entertainment purposes only.

April 8 2015 Breaking News USA War on Terror 1.3 million killed Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Eclipse Lunar September 28th 2015 Super Moon 4th Blood …
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12 comments to The Bill Cosby Sex Tape! (Breaking News!!)

  • Matt Long  says: ?

  • EdibleBlackCat  says:

    lol lmao?

  • aaron hickman  says:


  • Sidney T Brown Jr  says:


  • Merry Joy Hayes  says:

    LOL! ?????

  • rsuave109  says:

    Lmao they wrong for this?

  • RedDevulzpt205  says:


  • makeithappen  says:

    This is a porn Tape ….I seen it yes ago?

  • yungfif212  says:

    Hey Hey Hey !

  • John Doe  says:

    It has to be real, it’s on the internet?

  • U2Bheavenbound Warrior  says:


  • U2Bheavenbound Warrior  says:

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