The American Volunteer in the Donbas Battalion: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 66)

Subscribe to VICE News here: In this dispatch, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky interviews an American volunteer …
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Congresswoman Jackie Speier debates diplomatic spending with Nice Peter & Kassem G while a variety of pundits & politicians bemoan the biggest dangers of 201…

31 comments to The American Volunteer in the Donbas Battalion: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 66)

  • VICE News  says:

    “To me it’s all about revolution right now.” We meet “Franko,” the American
    fighting in #Ukraine’s war. Check out all of our Ukraine coverage here:

  • VICE News  says:

    The Only American Fighting For Ukraine Dies in Battle:

  • Daniel Marinkovich  says:

    How many Americans lives in Ukraine today,20,30?!
    How many Russians,10 milion ?! ;)?

  • Something_to_appease_Google  says:

    Everybody has the right to declare independence! Americans should agree
    with me on this aspect. If Eastern Ukraine can win against Western Ukraine,
    they deserve the land! Same thing goes for Western Ukraine. I’m hoping East
    Ukraine wins so their bloodshed did not go in vain. ?

  • RasenganXSpirit  says:

    If I spoke Russian I’d be in Donbass right now.
    What a fucking insult.
    Americans working for NAZIS!
    What happened to fighting for freedom??

  • AgriVidsProductions  says:

    The guy is an C.I.A agent….Just saying!?

  • Kate Nikitina  says:

    Glory to Ukraine! Glory to USA! Death to russia!?

  • John Malkovich  says:

    Let’s take a look at the places where we have ongoing wars and armed
    conflicts : Eastern Ukraine, Syria, South Sudan, Israel-Palestine (though a
    cease-fire had been brokered for now), Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq,
    North-West Pakistan, Central African Republic, Libya, Nigeria, Yemen…
    You will notice that these places are doing nothing to contribute to the
    technological development of the world, and are just depleting the Earth of
    its natural resources without giving anything back. Therefore, I would
    suggest that the United States, China, Russia and Great Britain come
    together, drop neutron bombs on these shitholes and wipe them of the face
    of the Earth- no one would really miss them.?

  • Tijuana  says:

    What part of America is that man from?
    Canada,USA,Mexico,Brazil? .-.?

  • chavalote  says:

    Ukrainians fighting for Lenin-Stalin’ gifts! Why they need that Russian
    populated, originally Russian territory of south-east? the heavy industries
    there are only for Russian market. Europe does not need them. They’ve got
    something that have been stolen from Russia by commies. But Ukrs would
    rather kill all population than give it back to Russia.?

  • ChappedNegroLips  says:

    It’s a scientific fact that Russians have the least amount of brain matter
    among all other nationalities. This is why they love their dictators and
    are easily brainwashed by their government media. Alcoholism has also
    genetically modified their genome so they are born with brain damage and a
    crippling addiction at birth.?

  • Kyle Rich  says:

    But this ass holes perfectly willing to fight on the side of the political
    elite… I just dont understand why they keep dropping the terrorist label on
    their own people… i know obviously its brain washing media, but if both
    sides agree about the 1%… wheres the disconnect????

  • Posh Tiara  says:

    “Bu-but this proof that the evil american imperialists are helping the nazi
    Kiev alien Junta!”?

  • GuerillaGary  says:

    Oh God here we go! Because he is an American, that means he should NOT be
    able to fight for a cause that he believes in. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Americans
    are always wrong no matter what they do or believe! HAAHAHA!!!?

  • Alexander Zakusilov  says:

    Some one who didn’t born and live in Ukraine, wants full mobilization, so
    that people who really born and live in Ukraine will be forced by
    government to go and die in the war created by right wing scum from both
    sides of this conflict.

    And then he talks about bringing planes and artillery, to destroy people
    homes, and kill innocent people caught in the conflict.?

  • Dangerous Era  says:

    “Kill these terrorists that have invaded Ukraine”
    Yeah, because separatists are foreign invaders -_-?

  • Drug Addicted Pornstar  says:

    How much is years is this guy old?
    Gee, I guess anyone can hold a rifle and pull the trigger.
    Too bad these guys are fighting essentially for money, but not for them,
    it’s for the 1% that’s leading them (Kiev govt. and Donetsk ”govt.”)?

  • schmoyoho  says:

    i hope +Nice Peter and +Kassem G appear on Schieffer’s next mixtape?

  • Jesus Torres  says:

    Stop doing such stupide beats do Some dubstep or something catchy and you
    get more views the OLS ones were better this just sucks?

  • FuturesideTV  says:

    dont get why this has less views than others. Probably to critical..?

  • Dizzy Dwarf Gaming  says:

    I don’t know about america but Songify the News is going to pot.?

  • Alex Manston  says:

    Being of British descent, I know a good song when I see one (Good songs
    OBVIOUSLY come from Britain) And this masterpiece is a work of art (Yes. A
    work of art.).?

  • Louis Foussard  says:

    *OMG… Just Funny as Hell.*


  • Duncan Donets  says:

    “Ain’t nothing worse than a flying ham, for a militant member of the
    Still wondering whether this is a really clever joke about muslims not
    being allowed to eat pork, or just something silly that rhymed well.?

  • RagePower2000  says:

    never knew a song could have so much truth in it.?

  • Dr. Dino  says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the Superman and Ayn Rand part? I
    know who they both are though.?

  • ut2k4wikichici  says:

    please make more of these?

  • Jose30Yoga  says:

    Nice Peter??

  • Rashad Charles  says:

    I cannot replaying this song, it’s brilliant and has such an upbeat vibe to

  • terminatorable1  says:

    ¨i love girrafes¨ :3?

  • Quentin House  says:

    For some reason, when he said I like giraffes it caused me to spit soda

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