Susan Boyle – Channel 5 News Story (15th April)

A news story from Channel 5 on the amazing story of Susan Boyle after auditioning for Britains Got Talent. Also interviewing the current members of the Les M…

The Israeli army releases video footage claiming to demonstrate the warnings given to civilians before targeting buildings in the latest bombardment of Gaza….
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25 comments to Susan Boyle – Channel 5 News Story (15th April)

  • briller1000  says:

    We are crazy with you, Susan, and wll allways be!

  • 1kayakbruce  says:

    How about 5.5 million a month. I hope she gets stinkin’ rich. Does anybody
    else get feeling that Susan is going to rewrite all the record books. Good
    luck on ya Susan Boyle.

  • iOzamaki  says:

    Truly amazing. It’s as they say. “From underdog to wonder dog.”

  • Donald Rosales  says:

    @MVAndrew…..Opo Sir…Pinoy po ako:-)

  • Shannon Young  says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of Earl Carpenter smiling!

  • cymruadam  says:

    bit harsh don’t you think?

  • Lexion75  says:

    Im sorry, but this CD is AMAZING!

  • Dorin Tudoreanu  says:

    superb voice!

  • sunnyatscot  says:

    she lives 5 miles away from my house

  • ernhdora  says:


  • kopi5896  says:

    Susan Boyle’s voice is very good.

  • molly heys  says:

    if i could id vote for her but i cant cus my phone ont let me

  • sean michael  says:

    Damn right. We need a new star after all the losses we have had this year,
    e.g the king of pop, rock and soul Michael Jackson. God rest his soul and
    God bless Susan Boyle. Sean Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Carlos Julio Álvarez Restrepo  says:

    Viva Antioquia

  • Smithclan04  says:

    I am ashamed and I’m not afraid to admit it. I, among so many others judged
    Susan on first impressions. We should truly look at others more deeply than
    what we first see. Who else will join me in admitting they were too quick
    to judge?

  • Clint Crawford  says:

    A real warm fuzzy story….good for you Susan….

  • briller1000  says:

    Scotland must be proud of susan!

  • thejohnerummel  says:

    she is great. I hope she has a lot of success in her future.

  • Lodyl Lesovo  says:

    Susan is the best…… 😀

  • drobny1975  says:

    Zajebisty g?os (beautiful voice)

  • yasinpatel12345  says:

    you know what’s really sad all this attention is based on her looks she’s a
    great singer!! that’s all that matters…society today sickens me

  • fireengineer  says:

    Hamas write their warning on the rockets they fire, but Israel is the bad

  • TheStonelizard  says:

    That’s like America giving a warning to Japan before Hiroshima
    “You have 5 minutes to get away from this fuckhuge explosion”?

  • Paul Wood  says:

    Palestine burn burn burn ?

  • Yaqub Ali  says:

    The IDF is a moral force for Good.?

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