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Today (The 18th of May,) I will be a guest on Larkin Sell’s Blog Radio show at 6:00pm eastern. Then on May 27th, she will be a guest on my show, Focus Change with Dr Ed, 6:00pm eastern. Larkin is the founder,(of the MPC network) communication facilitator, transformational
Coach and Relationship Coach who has numerous shows on Blog Radio. She has assisted
numerous clients to having better lives that are more successful and better
relationships.  She is the transformational guide to all who have benefited from her shows and her coaching. We are excited that she has agreed to take time from her very busy
schedule to join us. You will find her to be delightful and insightful.

Meanwhile, please go to my website below to get in on the last webinar of its type this
year. This four-week long program is unique in that each participant has the
opportunity to input questions, challenges and issues in between the four-week
sessions, thereby making it your webinar. We have done three of these
previously and they have been very well received.  These are the least expensive sessions I do at four hundred dollars for all four weeks and everyone who signs up gets a bonus.

In the interim,give up struggling, stress, worry, and focus on what you want to attract, not
on what you do not want or do not have. The only thing that struggle, worry and
stress will produce is more struggle, worry and stress, as this is a lack of
mentality and will not produce that which you desire. It is a matter of getting
clear on exactly what you do want and resolving the internal limiting beliefs
and feelings that are contradictory or a conflict with what you do want. Asking
yourself, what those limiting beliefs or feelings are doing for you in the here
and now or in the future will help. If the answer is that, they are of no
benefit then simply let them go. You can picture placing them in a bubble and
let it rise ever higher in the sky until it finally bursts. It may take several
times of doing this, but you should find that initially they diminish and
eventually go away.

Additionally,allowing your imagination to picture what it is like to already have that which
you are attracting and involving all your senses in feeling what it is like
will make your vibrations that much stronger by taking you higher on the emotional


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As co-author with his wife, Dr Ed has a book out on the law of attraction called Focus Change, a practical Guide to manifestation Constructs -the secret to attracting a potent and successful life. He has been a therapist, executive and consultant for over 40 years and has a lot of information which can be helpful to anyone seeking to attract a better life, relationship, financial freedom or a successful business. He hosts a weekly radio show on Blog radio; Focus Change with Dr Ed at 6:00pm eastern and has numerous videos on You Tube under Focuschange1.

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