Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express Latest News!! – UTVSTARS HD

Shah Rukh Khan's Chennai Express Latest News!! - UTVSTARS HD

Shah Rukh Khan is very stressed about his Chennai Express release, he has told Deepika Padukone not to go for a world tour with Ranbir Kapoor to promote Yeh …
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End of the world there have been many theories, from the flood to the alien invasion of Earth and total destruction. It seems that the planet Nibiru has beco…
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27 comments to Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express Latest News!! – UTVSTARS HD

  • amirka pardadaji  says:


  • nevin ch  says:

    Saale BC kuch bhi edit karke, tatti voice over dekhe… fooling? viewers…. maa ki chut tum log ho fattu… tumhari gaand fatke bosda ho gaya…
    Kon hai woh reporter uski maaki chut….

  • nevin ch  says:

    Salla chutya…. kuch bhi….?

  • Ankit Rathore  says:

    utv u r? moron…kuch bhi

  • omiwagh  says:

    nots fear yaar?

  • Aryan Mirza  says:

    Hey u ppl frm utv if u gt no news thn play sme spritual song rather than showing fake? shits…

  • yash sunny  says:

    faltu me matlb kuch? bhi dikhana hai logo ko

  • yash sunny  says:

    saale chutiya utv wale?

  • SALIM86  says:

    Srk wins? allways ahaha

  • BooMsBlog  says:

    damn!!. cant stop laughin at it. fans got shocked when kareena kapoor smashed on the news reader in public. she? is trying to be smart.

    i could find the clip here >>>

  • Makal Chand  says:

    Stupid UTV news cut from other interview video……

  • faizaan khan  says:

    tumlog ki fat gayi h…105cr me jo rights kharide hain.himmatwala flop hone ke baad utv ki fat gayi h..srk ki nhi tumlog apne aap ko bchane k liye kabhi uski taarif krte ho to kabhi uski burai shame? on u such a sick n cheeeeep media channel utv stars…f…off

  • faizaan khan  says:

    Fuck off the reporter…?

  • JD Tripps  says:

    Bullshit………..? Einstein.

  • uria41  says:

    Lens flair that’s all? lol

  • vizard00001  says:

    Eliete? Which son of a bitch decides who eliete and who is trash.? Fuck that motherfucker cux God, nature, asteroid, comet, planet, nukes etc doesn’t give a shit about eliete and trash.? We are all in the same boat

  • JD Tripps  says:

    Torch light, are? you kidding?

  • faizal abd rahman  says:

    A torch light? i guess..:-)

  • JD Tripps  says:

    OK, I? understand. This is Nibiru as well as I can videotape it with my equipment.

  • JD Tripps  says:

    erm…………..Read the? title.

  • ghfghf3145  says:


  • zombiewonka2012  says:

    Im im Az too and havent seen shit!!The only red flier i see? is my wifes period once a month.

  • Finesse622  says:

    thats been in the sky for a while now i noticed it in the middle of th summer? about 3am hees more than one n the sky

  • MrMexBiker  says:

    I am in AZ? as well. If this is coming from the south, how could you see it in the NW. Would think at best would be very low on the horizon to the south. Also where are the stars in this video?

  • Pedro Alexandre  says:

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    VORTEX?  PROOF? (school are obsolet) 
    .free-energy to ALL PEOPLE that needs
    site educational — if possible, please divulgate ( not SPAM )

  • JD Tripps  says:

    I am in Arizona and this is in the? west from me.

  • dragonlove7980  says:

    yes i have a bunch of telescopes and can not find it im starting to believe all these films are bullshit i even? have night vision, full spectrum scopes and ir cameras. nothing! so where is this planet? im in michigan

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