Scotland News and the Striding Man

It needs no further explanation: Scotland and Johnny Walker whisky are intertwined like fraternal twins. There are hundreds of other brewers in Scotland producing the alcoholic beverage the country is known for: whisky. Nonetheless, Johnny Walker is so important to Scotland in both economic and symbolic terms that Scotland news each day runs some lines on this very famous drink. But what most news Scotland outlets fail to reveal is that the long story of Johnny Walker’s long walk actually started from the death of his father. And like any story borne out of sorrow, there seems no way to stop the striding man representing the famous drink.


The life story of Johnny Walker whisky began with death. It was in the first years of the nineteenth century when John Walker’s father died. If he had been any ordinary lad, he would have been sent straight to the farm he inherited from his dad. But John wanted to be different. He wanted to be somebody, not just someone labouring in the fields. He decided to sell the farm and open a grocery that offered malt beverages to clients. Innovative as he is, he came up with several daring acts that helped him to be always on the pages of Scotland news papers. Among the daring acts he did were the following:

He was not content with being Scotland’s best brewer. He wanted the world. But these were the days before planes criss-crossed the sky. What he did was to convince the captains of ships docking at Glasgow to be his agents in selling the beverage that bears his name all over the world. In a snap of a finger, the brand becomes worthy of news Scotland space on most newspapers because the world loved what John Walker was making at his old grocers at Kilmarnock.

But perhaps the greatest Scotland news that can be connected with Johnny Walker whisky is how the logo of the striding man and the slogan “Keep Walking” was born. The hand behind the striding man is illustrator Tom Browne who was persuaded by John Walker’s grandsons to come up with a sketch of a walking man. Because of the popularity of the whisky brand, this logo is almost on the news daily in most Scotland news papers.

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