RAF Typhoon in Flight

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RAF Typhoon in Flight
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Image by Defence Images
‘Shark Attack’ by Squadron Leader John Eklund, an RAF Reservist with 7644(VR) Squadron.

An RAF Typhoon appears like a shark from the depths. This photograph was taken from the back of a transport aircraft over a lake in the Baltic region where the Typhoons are currently deployed in the NATO Baltic Air Policing Role. Typhoons also secure the skies over the UK and the Falkland Islands to protect the Nation’s airspace. In order to do this they maintain a constant 24/7 QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) force. RAF Typhoons were also deployed in support of Op ELLAMY over Libya.Sqn Ldr John Eklund is an RAF Reservist and in his military role he works for 7644(VR) Media and Communications Squadron based at RAF High Wycombe.

This year, for the first time, the RAF is asking the public to vote for their favourite image in one of the categories. The judges have selected a shortlist of 9 of the best photographs from the whole competition and the public can now vote for their favourite image. This will become the ‘People’s Choice: Image of the Year’. Voting is at: www.raf.mod.uk/photo-of-the-year-2014

Voters will be entered into a free prize draw when they tweet their vote for a chance to win an iPad Mini with a Red Arrows 50th Anniversary universal cover and an iPhone 5S cover. Voting opens today and closes at midnight on 27th August. The winning Photo will be announced at the Presentation Ceremony on 2nd September.

Winning Images from the RAF Photo Competition:

Each year, stunning photographs are published following the RAF Photographic Competition and the winning military and civilian photographers are named.

The Royal Air Force Photographic Competition judging has recently taken place at the RAF Museum, Hendon. The judges were; Alan Sparrow, Chairman of the Picture Editors Guild and Executive Picture Editor of the Metro; David Clapp the renowned landscape and travel photogra
© Crown Copyright 2014
Photographer: Sqn Ldr Dylan Eklund
Image 45157815.jpg from www.defenceimages.mod.uk

This image is available for high resolution download at www.defenceimagery.mod.uk subject to the terms and conditions of the Open Government License at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/. Search for image number 45157815.jpg

For latest news visit www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ministry-of-defence
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The two dimensions of the same Light!!! / Les deux dimensions de la même Lumière!!!
news 24
Image by Denis Collette…!!!
On Explore! November 30, 2007! #68
Thank you very much to all of you my dear Flickr friends for your so kind comments!

Last News:
I’d an apparition near my Wild River… an interview by an angel…!!! :)))

My Wild River Reflection!

I am always fascinated to see the Light to penetrate under the surface of my Wild River and on the other hand to shine on the same surface! Do you see these two dimensions of the same Light? It’s the same Light… right? As it’s the same Light …inside and outside of our being! Under… we’re all there… we’re all a part of you…! Outside… you are flotting on all of us…!!! :))) But the most important I’ve to say to you today is if you are totally receptive to your heart… you can have access to all the collective thoughts … to all the collective wishes ….cause we’re all the same Light! That explains why someones can see the future and can prevent all forms of conflicts!

Have a wild day of reflexion on this reflection my dear friends… my dear Me!!! Cause you’ve here the unique voice for peace and love in our world! :)))

Reflet de ma rivière sauvage!

Je suis toujours fasciné de voir d’une part cette lumière pénétrer sous la surface de ma rivière sauvage et d’autre part rayonner sur cette même surface! Voyez-vous ces deux dimensions de la même lumière? Il s’agit de la même Lumière… vrai? Comme c’est cette même lumière qui nous habite, à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de notre être! Sous la surface… nous sommes tous là… nous faisons tous partie de vous…! Sur la surface…. vous flottez sur nous tous…!!! :))) Mais le plus important de ce que j’ai à vous dire aujourd’hui c’est que si vous vous mettez en état de total réceptivité… à l’écoute de votre coeur… vous pouvez avoir accès à toutes les pensées de la collectivité… à tous les désirs de cette même collectivité puisque nous sommes la même Lumière! C’est pourquoi certains sont en mesure de voir le futur et de prévenir toutes formes de conflits!

Passez une magnifique journée de réflexion sur ce reflet mes chers amis… mes chers Moi!!! Parce que vous avez ici la seule voie possible pour la paix et l’amour dans notre monde! :)))

Let it be… Joan Baez is singing "Let it be" in Cesarea, Israel June 24th 1979!

news 24
Image by ??? TORLEY ???

Visit this location in Second Life

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