Quentin Tarantino interview: ‘I’m shutting your butt down!’ | Channel 4 News

Subscribe to Channel 4 News: http://bit.ly/1sF6pOJ Quentin Tarantino refuses to discuss any link between movie violence and real life violence during a heate…

KTLA Anchors dive under the NEWS DESK while a 4.4 Earthquake rumbles through Los Angeles. Chris Schauble, Megan Henderson and Eric Spillman.
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47 comments to Quentin Tarantino interview: ‘I’m shutting your butt down!’ | Channel 4 News

  • ???  says:

    Sorry Tarantino, I’m with the interviewer this time. You have lost your
    temper. Even if you’ve address the same question few years back doesn’t
    mean you can’t answer them again. Not every viewers have watched your
    previous interviews either. ?

  • Sophia Rodriguez  says:

    That journalist is fucking annoying. ?

  • Channel 4 News  says:

    Quentin Tarantino and Richard Ayoade with an interview masterclass How to
    ace a TV interview: by Richard Ayoade & Quentin Tarantino | Channel 4 News?

  • Haniff Din  says:

    Shame really being polite doesn’t cost anything. It just shows that
    Tarantino is all ego now. He’s just ripping off other People, not one
    original idea in his head.

    The interviewer was doing his job. ?

  • Vegeta  says:

    This indian butthole was enjoying mocking Tarantiono. He’s such an insecure
    little bitch.?

  • Alice Doerre  says:

    Of course there’s a strong link between violence in movies and real
    violence, but Quentin would not admit it, it won’t help sell his movies.
    Violence in his or other movies are enjoyable because we humans have
    violent thoughts, when we see a movie with lots of it that somehow we can
    identify with, agree to a certain subconscious point, we enjoy it. Why?
    Rage within ourselves that wants to surface in some way. Movies are made
    successful when they contain situations, outcomes we fantasy with, that’s
    why we enjoy them.?

  • BoxxyFan  says:

    Who the hell does that reporter think he is? Does he have autism? He’s rude
    and doesn’t seem to be aware of social cues. Quentin Tarntino is a movie
    director, ask about questions about the movie he’s promoting, stop trying
    to be controversial and sensationalist for the sake of it. Is all British
    news like this??

  • Kelly Freshwater  says:

    I totally agree with Tarantino
    I think his films explain his opinion and his reasons behind it?

  • Sebastian Giraldo  says:

    It’s funny how all the americans on here are accusing this news reporter of
    being controversial and sensationalist when all he is doing is simply doing
    some actual journalism and asking thought provoking questions that aren’t
    along the lines of “so what gave you the idea for this film” blah blah
    blah… American media is so shallow that you wouldn’t see real journalism
    if it slapped you in the face?

  • edward6000  says:

    more white slaves than black slaves in the colonies of America,the English
    used to force white Children up chimneys and down coal mines-in the 1900’s;
    there is more slavery today than at anytime in history-in africa and asia

  • Rick Deckard  says:

    qt is such an over-rated narcissistic creep-o?

  • Dark_Defender  says:

    Tarantino doesn’t give a shit about political correctness which is why I
    personally like his movies. It’s not that I enjoy watching blood or hearing
    the ‘n’ word get thrown around a lot, but instead it allows him to focus on
    the story line and script without having to worry about offending someone.
    The dialogue seems so natural that only Quentin could make a scene like the
    beginning of Reservoir Dogs interesting. A Tarantino movie reminds you that
    if you want to enjoy the film, you need to remember that this is indeed
    just a film and turn off anything that gets you offended through PC. If you
    can do that, then you are probably someone who is a fan of Tarantino films.?

  • Hasini J  says:

    He acts like a spoiled brat -_-?

  • Ryan Marshall  says:

    Obviously people who enjoy violent movies aren’t violent themselves but
    people who are actually violent probably like violent movies as well
    because why not? Tarantino is like Kubrick, he likes to explore the edges
    of things and shed light on subjects most would rather not discuss.?

  • Christopher H  says:

    I’m guessing all the pro-Tarantino people on here are largely American?
    Having seen bits of your news programmes I’m not entirely surprised, as
    they seem mainly to be self-congratulatory promotional things or people
    going on a rant – barely any level of critique. OK, if he was on UK morning
    television I could understand it, or maybe even say BBC News 24, but this
    is Channel 4 News. They’re not going to waste their time going “So please
    Quentin can you tell us about the plot of your film. And please also tell
    us how you’ve helped us all talk about slavery and we need to be heavily
    indebted towards you.”

    I mean, it’s not even like he was being unfair in his questions, he wasn’t
    loading them he was just giving Quentin space to explain his beliefs.
    Quentin could even have said ‘Google [such and such]’ but instead just
    refused to answer a perfectly sensible question. I mean come on Quentin do
    your research and see what Channel 4 News is like before you accept an
    interview. I mean compared to some American news where if someone disagrees
    with the anchor/interviewer the anchor/interview just starts hurling abuse,
    Krishnan is pretty calm and balanced. To me it seems obvious that on the
    whole it was Quentin who came out of this badly, rather than Krishnan.

    I only saw this today, but the other day I saw interview between Arsene
    Wenger and Jacqui Oakley (Google it) and Quentin is as bad as Arsene –
    interviewer asks decent and balanced question and because it isn’t an easy
    and facile question the interviewee gets upset and acts defensively,
    unnecessarily, and for what is a pretty fair question.?

  • DREWVIX1992  says:

    Quentin’s top lip bothers me, it’s like someone took a fish hook and is
    pulling his lip to the ground.?

  • Jesus Hernandez Christ  says:

    3:46 realises he’s talking to someone from india?

  • chrislevett38  says:

    Quentin Tarantino is an egotistical baby?

  • Tim Furlong  says:

    My opinion on what I have just seen is that Tarantino really should be more
    prepared and far more graceful when being faced with questions about the
    violence in his movies. He reacted childishly and arrogantly, which shows
    to any educated viewer that he has some deep insecurities about certain
    subjects. I am sure he walked away from that feeling rather silly. Having
    watched Django Unchained only very recently, I did enjoy the movie, it was
    very entertaining, Tarantino should have faith in that….perhaps he was
    jet lagged :)?

  • Kurt Wagner  says:

    It’s good what Quentin did. He knew the interviewer was pushing an invalid
    and incriminating question that had no reason to be answered, so he
    refused. Everyone should know that violence has been occurring since the
    dawn of time without movies. And also that there is no link between movie
    and real violence unless an insane person somehow creates a link.?

  • Andres Perez  says:

    Wow… Quentin Tarantino is such a dick, so f***ing immature ?

  • Emily McGrath  says:

    i think its stupid that people are saying quentin is the one being annoying
    he’s just stating that he’s said all this before and he’s not gonna repeat
    himself every time an interviewer asks him recycled questions. part of
    being an interviewer is reading up and learning about the person you’re
    interviewing before you do the actual interview. and even after he refused
    multiple times the interviewer still kept pushing him for an answer to get
    him angrier quentin isn’t being egotistic hes being smart he knows the
    interviewer is trying to push him for the sake of the show he knows ppl are
    gonna be talking about this now thanks to that interviwer pushing his
    buttons ?

  • Brendan O'Hare  says:

    First of all the country of Bhutan shows what kind of influence TV has on
    impressionable people,secondly can every please stop fucking insinuating
    that Tarantino films influence people to do violent things.Top Gear and the
    Fast and the Furious has more to answer for influencing sad fucking
    lifeless “boy” racers.Oh and if your are one of these,please reply,I’d like
    to see how bad your vocabulary is you mongoloid hamchilds?

  • Timothee Fandre  says:

    LaSalle ?

  • Anthony L  says:

    0:13 am I the only thinking she looks too natural at getting up from that
    position? lol?

  • Rex_gamer  says:


  • Valter Vinicius  says:

    #Vilhena Gamer?

  • Angel Pliego J.R  says:

    I was taking a shower when this happened I almost got out with just the
    towel lol?

  • jeffrey1296  says:

    Earthquakes have always been my worst fears, not stupid things like clowns
    and heights -_-?

  • The Fox  says:

    Look at the girl at 0:05, she smile ! Wtf?

  • Kagan Celik  says:

    Regarder bien , la femme quand elle descend sous bureau elle rigole … Mis
    een place ? Derriere ou on voit la ville il se passe rien …?

  • Arnold Rivas  says:

    I remember when this happened, I was still asleep and no shit, I thought a
    bit truck passed by my house. And after it was done I just feel back to
    sleep. It was a, “Oh that was nice.”?

  • Rock de Raio  says:

    Someone’s listen he said Downtown LOS SANTOS IF I listen right!?

  • Juuan Labarty  says:

    Quem veio do #VILHENA da Jóinha 😀 !?

  • zCardozoPvP  says:


  • John Lang  says:

    Why are people making fun of this guy? How else was he supposed to react??

  • Adolf Hitler  says:

    his face/reaction is fucking hilarious?

  • Tino Francesco  says:

    LASALLE ??

  • Gabryel Matheus  says:

    #terremotovilhena ?

  • Anat Lopes Vlogs  says:

    #Vilhena só agora fui ver o video haha ‘-‘ vergonha ?

  • Caio Roberto  says:


  • john smith  says:

    That ain’t an earthquake that’s Frieza reaching 100% full power?

  • Aine Adachi  says:

    hahaha i live in japan and no one gives a shit about earthquakes when they
    are relatively small like this one
    they just continue doing what they were doing without ever changing their

  • lucas gabriel  says:

    #Vihena me trouxe aqui :D?

  • Dominique de Graaff  says:

    Yea, lets hide under a table of glass! :P?

  • black night  says:

    ces dingue comant ils flip what?

  • Intros de Canais  says:

    Quem veio aqui no por causa do Vilhena??

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