Q&A: Can anyone name a good international news agency?

Question by nicemadhura: Can anyone name a good international news agency?
It is very clear that reporting of CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and many famous news channels are much biased toward the political agenda of their countries of origin. So, can not rust the news telecast of them. Can anyone give me a link to a good, accurate and balanced world news reporting channel with a moderate view.
Thank you.

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Answer by M W

I like a mix of all non-American news. Try RT News along with BBC, Al Jazeera and others. One trick is to eliminate the cable TV (bill and all) and use HD over-the-air antenna’s. That’s where I get news from Asian sources along with various others. And the ‘mix’ is where it is at. I like TeleMundo and TV Globo. Just eliminate everything from USA as they are not only the most biased in the world (run by lobbyists essentially), but they ignore many stories all together.

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  • Darkon  says:

    Epic Times is a good source for world news, although they aren’t a big channel. They try to present world news in as unbiased a way as is possible. They also focus only on the relatively big stories and avoid speculation.

    You should check them out.

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