Pokemon Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke Challenge – Part 40: THE ELITE 4!!!!!

Our defining life moments, it all comes down to this, thank you so much everyone for joining us on this project and journey, if it wasn’t for all you guys commenting, liking the video and showing support it wouldn’t be what it has been so thank you all so much 🙂 NEW CO-OP CHANNEL!!: www.youtube.com Sub to keep up to date on all co-op work! MrsExile Channel – www.youtube.com Follow me on Twitter as well guys for random tweets and latest news 🙂 – twitter.com (This explanation of how to use the randomiser was written by GalacticElliot i take no credit for this at all) How to get wild encounter codes: www.mediafire.com Steps to run the randomizer: 1: Open up randomizer, extract it, then run it. If it doesn’t work, run it as an administrator. 2: Load an original Emerald ROM and it will give you a few options, and you can pick what you’d like. puu.sh – Should look like this. If you get it to look like that, then you’re basically done. 3: Open up your GBA emulator, and load the Emerald game.

Nintendo 3DS News - Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Released 16th November & Box Art + More

Sonic & All – Stars Racing Transformed releases on November 16th 2012 . Here is the US Box art . Also Nintendo explains why there was no secon circle pad on the 3DS XL + More Don’t forget to thumb up if you like this video and if you want to keep up to date with e shop updates then SUBSCRIBE to this show ! Check out our website: www.latest3dsgames.com and our FACEBOOK page www.facebook.com
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41 comments to Pokemon Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke Challenge – Part 40: THE ELITE 4!!!!!

  • BobRogers33  says:

    well it was? great:D I have failed so many times

  • TheShadowhog759  says:

    aewsome 😀 i? just knew that because lantern looked kinda weak lo

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Thanks mate, we are doing our HG/SS one now too on our co-op channlel? 😉

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Yeah? i say it all the time, seems a lot of americans do to, the more you know i guess lol

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Yep it is? fully random and already up 🙂

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Noooooooooo!!!!! She just got “The End” first ;)?

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Lol you did get it? right and you was the closest over all, we are honestly thinking of what you will get lol

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    I dont think she really read it, and awww i wanted a Flygon Crobat mutant child lol?

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Lol,? yeah we definitely went try hard on it lol

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Thank you,? i think we both done well 🙂

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    I know but the next one? has started already 🙂

  • GalacticElliot  says:

    Great job guys.? 🙂

  • Bigsam1514  says:

    I say chuck.?

  • RoundHouseMLGKick  says:

    YAY :DDDDDD next co op? sounds sooo awesome please do randomize it ^3^

  • Lolchickenfly  says:

    MsExile finished? first. 😀

  • TheShadowhog759  says:

    Yes! I guessed that? Lantern was going to die in the last vid! Do I get a shout out

  • battlespec16  says:

    ANOTHER 3DS GAME DELAYED!! It comes? out February 12th now -.-

  • TheBeagleMaster  says:

    now it’s fuckin’? feb. 2!!!!!!!

  • TheBeagleMaster  says:

    now it’s fuckin’? feb. 2!!!!!!!

  • Israel Daniel  says:

    are? you serious?

  • Preetyboifelix  says:

    This? game comes out for 3ds December 11 2012

  • SOSrebirth  says:

    3ds Version?…YAAAAAHOOOOO! :-)?

  • pavel91  says:

    November? 16, are you sure? I thought this game was going to be released on November 20.

  • pavel91  says:

    They planned? this game before MK7 was announced.

  • JesseAndMike  says:

    Does Sonic Racing? have online? 🙂 Looks pretty fun 🙂

  • Zoymaa  says:

    Why is sonic and allstars racing transformed for 3ds not? on gamestops website?

  • basshuter2007  says:

    still not a good enough reason? really but hay

  • radeonxtx  says:

    LOL at sonic allstars, they were like oh shit you can glide and swim? in mariokart, copy that shit quick !

  • internutt  says:

    It was because the? battery is beneath the ABXY buttons, note the power switch below them. There simply isn’t? enough room for a control pad when theres a battery in the way.

  • internutt  says:

    It was because the battery? is beneath the ABXY buttons, note the power switch below them. There simply isn’t enough room for a control pad when theres a battery in the way.

  • latest3dsgames  says:

    Only if my wife buys it as I dont have enough money? at the moment. I am getting a loan 3DS XL from Nintendo at some point for a few days only though so I will be able to try it out and review it. It will probably be after launch though

  • Noah Giefer  says:

    11th comment is the best!

  • shyguypokepaldanny  says:

    what swap-note update? whats? it do?

  • shyguypokepaldanny  says:

    what swapnote update? whats it do??

  • shyguypokepaldanny  says:

    what swapnote update?? whats it do?

  • Sudsmaster100  says:

    Tim? are you getting the 3DS XL

  • jordan rausch  says:

    What about the? swap note update???

  • XC0MB4TXEV0LV3D  says:

    to big? Those face buttons take up half the console.?

  • 1scarfe  says:

    Sweetness this game is going to? be epic!

  • basshuter2007  says:

    still not a valid reason why there is no circle pad as them doing the add? on for the 3ds made it to big but they still did it so even if they did same for xl would of been better to include it in xl its just nonsense

  • Junior Fontil  says:

    exacly on my? bd awesome 🙂

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