Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: Watch Live

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Colonel Chris Hadfield performs, unplugged, his famous rendition of “Space Oddity” for Huw Edwards on BBC News 24. Such a multi-talented guy! If you wish to …

19 comments to Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: Watch Live

  • Majed Maqsood  says:

    chris can you come to my house im a nine year old and i really want to meet
    you if you come in a spaceship lock your soyuz hatch your a true canadian

  • Bronco Piscis  says:

    Wow, Chris has everything. he is smart astronaut and he has talent for the
    music. good for him?

  • govind singh  says:

    I like d sng…n d way he had sung it…….

    no offenses ..just a complement….dnt dis dude looks a lil like Jim
    Carrey……………….mayb in future if a movie is made on his
    story….may jim careey will lead it.. just a thought major Tom?

  • Richard Gosnell  says:

    Makes me proud to be Canadian.?

  • int pop  says:

    just great man?

  • 23ofSeptember  says:

    If he goes up to the station again, I hope he sings Elton John’s ‘Rocket

  • Tye Chapman  says:

    chris, will you marry me??

  • Brigadier Spigot Shaft  says:

    Wow. What a beautiful performance. Like many others who’ve seen this, it
    brought a tear to my eye too. Very moving indeed.?

  • Javier Morcillo Padilla  says:


  • jose miner v. quiambao  says:

    Salute to you Col. Chris… you have a very nice rendition of David Bowie’s
    best song.?

  • Graeme Worswick  says:

    it does not get much more perfect than this, his iss video is imense!!!!?

  • Sun  says:

    *applauds* beautiful.?

  • clucky  says:

    He killed this. This is perfect. Commander Chris Hadfield for Prime
    Minister!! Lol?

  • Andrew Flath  says:

    I’ve seen the original version of Chris Hadfield singing this in space, but
    this unplugged version brings tears to my eyes. Chris Hadfield is one of
    Earths great treasures.?

  • surtursbane  says:

    Did Chris change the lyrics or is this a different version that David Bowie

  • Noor jawal Khan  says:

    This man is the most gifted man on the blue planet. He is a true
    Gentleman.He sings it better than the original?

  • Siam Ahmed  says:

    thnx for uploading +esclad !!!?

  • David Latapie  says:
  • Hennesg  says:


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