ONE 24 Has Exploded Like A Hand Grenade

It started out like any other MLM or network marketing company for the first couple of months in 2010, but then by the fall of 2010 the word was out. That word was the fact that ONE 24 is one of the hottest companies in the field of network marketing. One 24 has exploded like a hand grenade in the field of internet marketing. In fact, when I joined in October of 2010, I soon realized how amazing this new company was because after only 3 weeks I woke up one day to find over 2000 members in my silver income center.

When you join ONE 24 you will get your own website, and in your back office there are three round odometer meters, labeled as income centers. One of those, the Silver income center is where I found my 2000 members, and yes, those members do count toward a payout, and yes I did earn month on those. In fact after 5 months in One 24 I have earned money every single month. If you have never been in network marketing, know this: that is rare, and yet I did not do anything special.

ONE 24 is a company that is for average people, and the training and compensation plan is geared for average people, not just for network marketing professionals. In fact, the owner, Mark Seyforth, who appears on the company website in a series of 4 videos, trains each member personally in only 30 seconds….the training is that simple.

Anyone can make ONE24 work, but not just anyone can join. In order to get started you must find someone who has a green ticket, and each of us members only receives one green ticket per month so they go pretty fast. Still, apparently enough people are dying to get in to this opportunity because those green ticket members keep piling up in my silver income center. To say that this is a successful new MLM is an understatement. Actually, ONE 24 has exploded like a hand grenade into the field of network marketing, and coming up in 2011 and 2012, the company may turn into a rocket launcher.

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Rick James is a trainer and coach for internet marketers and affiliate marketers, as well as a personal mentor for anybody who wants to begin the process of learning how to earn money online with Network Marketing, or as a work-from-home Mom/Dad, or MLM business owner. Contact him at (601) 606-4400

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