Oklahoma City Tornado 2013: World News Now

ABC’s overnight news covers the fatal tornado that ripped apart Moore, Oklahoma. *More: http://abcn.ws/11UvmfU.
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30 comments to Oklahoma City Tornado 2013: World News Now

  • Sheep Gymnastics  says:

    tornado shit?

  • summerlandmisfit  says:


  • jadenrd2011  says:

    Prayers to all victims Washington /Oregon state so sad

  • Katherine Godworth  says:

    OMG…Everyone must to help them

  • lbb2r  says:

    serving in the war doesn’t make u see the big picture any clearer than
    anyone else..it might even make u more biased because of what u experienced
    being firsthand being translated as “this is the way things are” or maybe
    not, i said it might be that way, u might be a very reflective person…but
    why is it that some US soldiers disagree with wholeheartedly…your point
    is interesting, but it sounds like you are trying to wash blood from our
    hands at the end.

  • ajjc2000  says:

    Bryan Adams – Heaven

  • janole3711  says:

    No this was in Oklahoma…… Haa Jk. Yeah I pray this happens to Seattle
    and Portland too.

  • Capricious  says:

    Go grow a heart. Respect the people who have suffered and other people’s
    faith, you’re a disgrace.

  • toppertruthio  says:


  • Jaylynn Vallejo  says:

    It’s sad like its hard like its verry hard to watch

  • SpongyGirl  says:

    no. I already everything about Tornadoes. I’ve studies them for 9 years

  • im_so_fabulous__  says:

    this almost made a tear up a little

  • starplaya09  says:

    My mistake: you want to find Bill Nye’s episode about storms.

  • pzinhp  says:

    how about the fucking news?

  • rebeks ando  says:

    I prey the children are all found ok and for those that are not all
    children go to heaven but what you don’t understand is that why is it not
    compulsery to have basements and storm shelters ?????

  • lbb2r  says:

    could have

  • heyyougooutside  says:

    In that last sentence, you basically paraphrased the Joker from The Dark

  • nelson3300  says:

    we should ban tornados

  • chuck love  says:

    That’s True Yankees hate the South – But when we go Down they too will go
    down with us .

  • janole3711  says:

    No worries children go to heaven. And if any good hearted christians lost
    there homes just tell them to read the book of Job.

  • David Behrens  says:

    Why is Jesus punishing you??

  • SpongyGirl  says:

    though still this is making me cry as heck seeing mother nature doing this,
    though I,heard that the tornado might come everyday there, why won’t the
    tornado just stop and let the people rebuild their homes :'(

  • marjorieg2004  says:

    Omg that is sad :,(

  • Kaylana Alvarez  says:

    They kept saying breaking news all over again sad

  • Hathus Totila  says:

    all this climate change talk but nobody wants to talk about geoengineering
    and cloud seeding and haarp and why the weather is messed up… all these
    people begging for change that dont even know what is going on are just
    asking to get carbon taxes and all kinds of other schemes ran on them….
    GEOENGINEERING, CLOUD SEEDING, HAARP, the weather isnt just messed up for
    no reason, its being messed with… get with the program people for shits

  • Artur Coral  says:

    WORLD NEWS |||||

    – Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, November 22,
    2013. (Duration: 10 mins. 39 segs. Source: Democracy Now)?

  • Spahny1  says:

    50 years ago today… Nothing important happened.

    I might as well tune in to CNN?

  • believer12a  says:

    Democracy Now.?

  • John Russo  says:

    Democracy Now is for faggots!?

  • Winter Wonderland  says:

    Welcome to INGSOC U.S.A 1:40-6:30?

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