fatou une asalaka de kisangani ,une vrai jezabel nee en 1968 induit son aman de l’ecobist jeaclaude nee en 1971. ekosukela bango ndenge nini awa bakangi ba i…
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  • sarah candyfication  says:

    Hastings was a good journalist.?

  • Atton Pearson  says:

    You guys know that you’re all fucking idiots right?

  • deborah michelle  says:

    Welcome to Rome.?

  • KidsKicksforChrist  says:

    Lies, corruptions, greed, criminal government, voter fraud, false
    advertising, deformation of caricature, war crimes, terror threats, the
    wild west on the Internet, every word A-Z and law suites is the future
    investments of this trash today. Do you have your insurance policies that
    can prove where you heard or seen all these internet crimes? Your life
    being threatened, your nation being torn apart by this O-Abomination of
    lies and treason, Tyranny daily news?? Better start collecting insurances
    today? Is it one of the best investments today???? I Think so,, SO I AM
    collecting it all.. Filling up thousands of Gigs for my coming law suites
    and criminal indictments against this media and internet trash can..LMAO at
    stupid and blinded idiots who don’t get protected. But hey, keep up with
    this O-Abomination, my investments growing.?

  • Miguel Hernandez  says:

    I like that stuff right there.. Get rid of every Christian in America!!!!!!
    Hell Allah Akbar!!! Nation of Islam?

  • Michele Travis  says:

    Wait for Martial Law. Then we will never be able to impeach him.
    If only people would vote. Then maybe he would never have been president.?

  • Miguel Hernandez  says:

    Americans are fucking faggots. Bundled up all in the same place.?

  • Darius Williams  says:

    Obama is a puppet impeaching him isn’t going to change any.?

  • Freddie Dixon  says:

    Not trying to be funny but vote why first off the electoral college elect
    the president. Yes a committee of 13 ppl vote for the president or did u
    all miss history class that day, too a president can only veto or non veto
    a bill that’s it, he cant make law he cant do any of that now the ppl who
    are responsible are congress u know the committee yall keep voting in so
    thing never change for the poor, but lets not talk about now we dnt have
    time for rational thoughts. Like katt williams said if they say hes a
    terrorist guess he’s a terrorist, I mean hey jet fuel burned human flesh
    but a passport made it to the ground though a explosion and polverised
    concrete and u ppl brought it. So if the say its a bad fart its a bad fart,
    I say let the ppl keep their illusions but balance the fuckin budget, is it
    designed for all poor ppl too stay in debt, or the idea. Which ever they
    seem to be carrying it though.u want change ok vote out all the old farts
    we need new talent from a modern prospective. But in a country based on war
    cause lets talk real aint that how everybody came here, we’ll not half my
    ppl am half native American. U know the logic behind the mass is
    outstandingly redundant, shaimfull and a disgrace tomreal innocence and
    purity of free living. But the notes on a piece of paper mean nothing
    unless the person read puts meaning,mand with the meaning u can
    involuntarily with out ask help u in a noble cause of bullshit, because
    that seems to be the topic at hand. Bush jr signed a bill declaring
    Marshall law now Obama. Mind u both are pawns in a bigger scheme, more the
    the me u or anyohe else on this site can phathom. But here one one hint.
    Now most illogical will agree am wrong well take u head out ur ass, anyways
    picture earth, but like lord of the ring where it take one ring to rule
    them all, but lets face I probaly lost alot of yall all ready, sucks too be
    u, anyways when they kick in ur door wat u gonna do lol, the mexicans
    probably kick yall back accross to urside of the boarder. I but now ppl are
    thinking what the natives went though hmmmmm. Ppl need to wake up their not
    hiding anymore, their in plain site, and we not just americans, human being
    are the target, opps casualties, imagine pow in ur our country, musta been
    what the natives felt hmmm. But wat do we know cuz yall vote, yea ur way to
    amageddon. Bothers n sister I eagerly say start praying, and pray to the
    god in ur hearts not the guy in the book last hint they control that too,
    am out peace be on to earth one, ?

  • Kathy Cook  says:
  • MacArthur Burnside  says:
  • doggi  says:

    Hey miguel hernandez
    u poor supid bastard! Baboso

    U otta quit talking out ur ass,
    Pray that god allows ur sorry
    Ass to wake up in the morning.

    Cause if u dont, u ll be frying
    In hell, screaming in torment
    Wishing u never opened ur pie

    Repent! Repent! Repent!?

  • jackie Ferguson  says:

    COnsidering that they have already put homeless ppl in NC and LA and other
    cities and states into FEMA camps shows its all just the beginning?

  • jeffhaer  says:

    Does anyone really believe anything that falls out of Faux News mouth??

  • AmericanSamurai100  says:

    http://youtu.be/z5FZkuu9vII anybody else thinking about this??

  • Brian Mino  says:

    Miguel hernandez you are LOCO!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Rhonda Cliett  says:

    He should be able to kill an American overseas deemed a terrorist but not
    directly tied yet to a terrorist plot. You all are idiots.?

  • 359 Michaelward  says:

    A WW2 British RAF Pilot who once was describing his Operation Overlord
    training procedure to the BBC a few years back, said “We were rehearsed in
    the 3 mains dangers to the success of the mission. 1. The Jerries. 2.
    Mechanical Failure and 3. The US Air force” lol. You guys have always been
    scary, to everyone. ?

  • Jason Gray  says:

    We need a vote retraction law. I think alot of people wish they had not
    voted for him. It would be great if they could just go retract their votes.
    I would bet he would get de-elected in a day.?

  • ma yoyo  says:


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