November 20 2014 Breaking news Obama Live speech immigration amnesty 5 million

November 19 2014 Breaking news Thursday Obama to announce immigration amnesty 5 million grant relief from deportation to as many as 5 million undocumented im…

9 comments to November 20 2014 Breaking news Obama Live speech immigration amnesty 5 million

  • u2bheavenbound  says:

    #ObamaUSAamnesty unconstitutional Executive Order 5 Million illegal
    undocumented workers aliens Amnesty open border door policy North American
    Union in action?

  • suzanne roberge  says:

    I agree 110% w digitalweb! its gonna be up to 20 million immigrants!!.and
    Joey youre an u think we could cross boarders go to dif
    countries w out passports. hell no. This is what happens when a muslim is
    running America. he is justa puppet but hes destroyin our country from
    inside out.Globalists and bilderbergs are making it this way.y do you think
    they wanna rid the second amendment and have everyone to registr their
    guns. So we cant defend ourselves.racewars to claim Martial law!!?

  • TheDigitalWeb  says:

    O’Bozo’s a 1st class hypocrite!! In one speech this golfing
    racist Muslim makes fun of the scriptures in the KJV of the Christian Bible
    to get some laughs, and in another, he plagiarizes the verses he needs to
    suit his criminal actions…..He’s a fake, lying, untrustworthy
    POS…….And for all of you legal taxpaying citizens out there, this
    criminal and unconstitutional action is going to cost your children $2
    TRILLION DOLLARS over the net 4 years. They’ll certainly love you for that
    “Hope and Change”….and for the additional 5 Million Illegals taking the
    jobs they won’t get, free education, social security benefits, and food
    stamps you and your children are forced to pay for! Barry and his Czars
    sold you out. WAKE UP!!! “O’Bama fiddled while America burned”?

  • JoeyNewYork1  says:

    It’s so funny that the only people who support the republican party are the
    only one’s that have issues with the immigrants considering when you
    ”repugz” supporters tend to travel freely to their countries and vacation
    and party and drink up your wine and spend your money in their countries
    yet god forbid when its the other way around. I hate to break it to you
    repugz supporters YOU DON’T OWN THIS COUNTRY you live in it just like the
    rest of the blacks, Latins, oriental, Russians, Irish, ect Reminder: many
    of your parents and grand parents were also immigrants. Many of you are
    just plane racists who think AMERICA should be only for the white , I hate
    to disappoint you guys but its not , GET OVER YOURSELVES its never gonna
    happen not in my life time or yours LMAO?

  • Alex da Vinci  says:

    Obama didn’t say anything about amnesty, cunt! He did, however, talk about
    a temporary fix to the immigration problem. In a few, he promised a
    revolving door to millions of hopefuls who want to be a part of this

    It’s a sad fact how Americans forget that half of Mexico was taken away
    from the Mexicans. And then you wonder why they’re here living their lives?

  • queenbubalicious  says:

    Please get over yourselves we can freely walk around in these people
    country at any point with a passport. Families or being broken up…put
    yourself in they’re shoes… like Obama said everyone of us are immigrants
    hell they were here first with the indians…. Go Obama something needs to
    be done….?

  • Alpha Omega  says:

    When I did something illegal I was put in jail for it but if your a Mexican
    and here illegally you get amnesty. In fact we are going to include your
    whole family! its like you won the fucking lotto. The stupid politicians
    think ( hey that is 5 million more people we get to illegally tax.) ruining
    the culture is just a
    Dear Mr. Mexican
    I think if you don’t know English get the fuck out and if you know
    English but still speak Spanish in America then that is an insult to
    Americans.. Also this is America we have mostly biodegradable toilet
    paper. You don’t have to put used shitty toilet paper in the trashcans so
    it can attract flies and bugs.
    Dear Mr. Construction Business Owners
    Do you want to hire a Mexican man? I worked construction all my life and
    I have never seen a Mexican man be able to lay a straight line
    continuously with tile brick wood or shingles. might be ok on one or two
    buildings but oops on the next one.?

  • Joyce Ben  says:

    November 14 2014 Breaking news #ObamaOpenBorders North American Union?

  • Chris Griffin  says:

    Are you giving the country away now.
    Ron Paul has been telling the Americans to evacuate for 5 years now.
    You all do not feed the homeless and have neighbours in Mexico chopping
    heads off and the world has no idea,
    What in the world are you doing now,,
    a very lost land indeed nothing like in the movies is it.?

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