Newspaper Stixx 2012 Rolling Machine

Newspaper Stixx 2012 Rolling Machine

Roll rigid stick from newspaper for sculpting. Create chairs you can sit on to high art.

A video tour of ECM Publishers newspaper printing facility in Princeton, MN. Produced by Jeff Achen.

8 comments to Newspaper Stixx 2012 Rolling Machine

  • Louise Camirand  says:

    M. Darcy, vous êtes tout simplement ingénieux. De plus vous avez un bel
    humour, ce qui ne gâche rien! Merci pour vos vidéos, je les regarde
    attentivement! Salutations du Québec! ?

  • Mies Heerma  says:

    Really cool !! Would it be possible to make the sticks without the machine?

  • bolong  says:

    is this web printing?

  • HachiZenki  says:

    Man those lever keys are a PITA to set. Was i mistaken or didn’t I see any
    chucks on those shafts?

  • HachiZenki  says:

    @bolong Yes it is.

  • Vince Steele  says:

    Erich is my uncle!!!!

  • mistertentpole  says:

    Really enjoyed this video. It’s clear you are proud of this operation, and
    rightly so. Good job guys. 🙂

  • garywithairp  says:

    thank you, excellent and spontaneous explanation. Thanks for the guy
    upload, and the guy who explains, and news company.

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