22 comments to Newspaper nails TUTORIAL (with WATER!)

  • iluvjesse444  says:

    Any jewelry isn’t “necessary”, I wear rings because I like? them?

  • PhoSanna3  says:

    those? rings are not necessary

  • bohemianlali  says:

    You people have to keep something in? mind: There’s some places where newspapers are printed with water-based inks, and others are printed with oil-based inks. So if you live in an area where they use oil-based inks, this technique won’t work, no matter how hard you press the paper on your nails, because the ink won’t dissolve in the water.

  • iluvjesse444  says:

    It’s from a seller named Beadinbabe on etsy. And? thank you!

  • iluvjesse444  says:

    Your point??

  • Filippa Granaas  says:

    It’s? work! 😀

  • heylaurajo  says:

    eight rings?!

  • Shenelby  says:

    I have that bowl :)?

  • pll15  says:

    The leaf ring on your right index finger is ADORABLE!! Mind? sharing where you got it? 🙂
    I just love your jewelry haha.

  • Lux Lisbon  says:

    Worked so well – and they look so cool!?

  • candyglazed  says:

    Intro song- sexy? song for shane dawson videos

  • Briana V  says:

    Thank you :)?

  • MgrKaolinka  says:

    Thank you!!! I tried it from the description you posted earlier and it didn’t work,? then you said to push really hard on the nail and Tadah!!! It worked. Thanks it’s awesome! 🙂

  • america70365  says:

    thanks a lot .. :)?

  • HaiJazFizzy  says:

    Baha! The music at the? start just reminds me of Shane Dawson. .c: Oh gosh!

    Oh and you did a fantastic job. 🙂

  • CazLyrics  says:

    It does? work amazingly well, the warmer the water the bolder the print 🙂 just press really hard.

  • MyMadisonTaylor  says:

    nails are drying? right noww 😛

  • iluvjesse444  says:


  • iluvjesse444  says:

    As long as you use a top coat,? it will stay on until you take the polish off.

  • iluvjesse444  says:

    Yes, the link is in the description box.?

  • wayneedwards2  says:

    can u? use magazine paper

  • xXxcometxXx  says:

    how long will the print stay on the nail???? ptb asap pleeeez 🙂

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