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10 comments to Newspaper Bridge

  • bsfleming913  says:

    @Mj998a I am guessing thirty (30) textbooks.

  • David Szeto  says:

    My brother’s designing the same activity for a bunch of kids! Do you happen
    to know approximately how many sheets of newspaper you guys used to build
    this? Thanks.

  • Mahir Ahmed  says:

    That was mad

  • Mj998a  says:

    how much books do you have

  • bsfleming913  says:

    That is a great question. I actually do not remember how much paper we
    used. I know we used newspaper that was 1 foot wide and then we took like 5
    sheet each and rolled them into one tube.

  • Mlledeja rawrr  says:


  • bsfleming913  says:

    Thank you–lots of newspaper rolling.

  • facebookfinaticful  says:

    they do have 30 books

  • estefaniavolare  says:


  • ShiroChii90  says:

    wow i have to do that as well this semester nice one

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