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If you are a novice investor in the share stock market of India, it is obvious that you often find yourself in a panicky situation. For the past three days, you have been gaining to some extent from your short term trading only to find today incurring losses. Well, this is what happens to all investors in the share stock market of not only India but across the world. You cannot expect the market to always move high in the graph. For some time, the sensex and nifty went to their highest lows in two years. Do stay updated with the up-to-the minute news and conduct enough research if you want to maintain a win-win situation majorly even in a volatile market. If you are a regular investor in myriad segments, you will need the services of the best stock portfolio manager to keep track of the records of your investment. You may not be an expert in keeping track of the same. This is more so for those who are busy in other activities. Taking better financial decisions can happen with the help of the best stock portfolio manager. Besides maintaining a balance of the losses and profits you will also know which stocks are giving you more returns and which are not. You can seek the services of the best portfolio manager from a news portal.

At the moment breaking news in India is about the earthquake that affected lives and properties on Sunday. Sikkim is the worst affected with death toll rising to 66 (19th Sept.). As per latest breaking news in India, the 6.8 magnitude tremblor left a trail of devastation, snapping communication and power lines, damaging buildings, roads, and other structures, uprooting mobile phone towers and more. Inclement weather and landslide hampered rescue operations in the western and southern parts of the state. This is the breaking news in Indian on all news channels and portal at the moment.

So, you are a cricket freak and don’t want to miss any match. Why worry when you can view live cricket scores at a news portal. Whether it is one day international happening between Ireland and Canada or Champions League 20-20 Pool A happening between Ruhana and Trinidad & Tobaggo and more, you can get live cricket score ball by ball! To get live cricket scores any time anywhere just visit the sports section of your favorite news portal.

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