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When Rose was in his high school, he led the team and won the state championship for two years. The total record in these four years is win 120 lose 13 games. When he was high IV, he led the team and beat Oak Hill High School, which is the first in USA; this is only one time that Oak Hill High School was beat. Individual get 28 points, 8 assists and 9 boards. He enjoy a high reputation locally in Chicago, good passing a strong defensive characteristics is loved by many teammates, so teammates love playing with him. Because it is native of Chicago, and thus he was looking forward to following LeBron James became one of the NBA draft pick play for hometown.

But in other experienced scouts opinion, this guy has the potential features that becoming a super star. He is very similar to the old NBA player Kidd, who played for University of California. It is rarely to see such a guard who place passing basketball the first pace in University Stadium. He is willing to give praise to senior Douglas Roberts. In the regular season in Memphis, he got the best record of 31 wins and 1 lose. In the only game loss to Tennessee, all teammates, including Roberts was troubled by defense. He stood out and showed his courage and determination; his performance stopped the doubt from others.

in the December focus war in Madison Square Garden, Mayo asked to defense Rose and Derrick Rose only scored 9 points, 10 boards, 3 steals and 4 assists. Mayo’s data is certainly more beautiful. But the University of Memphis win at last, Mayo must be a good scorer in NBA, but Derrick Rose is more likely to be the winner.

If you must find a template for Derrick Rose, perhaps that will be between Jason Kidd and former fellow students “Penny “Hardaway. Because he is very comprehensive basketball player, but more attack power than Kidd. His athletic ability is perfect, but not same as other young players who love the limelight. He own mature heart, is a strengthened Brandon Roy.

Derrick Rose is a boy who watches Michael Jordan games very much, but totally different from other scorer. He do not like other kids who dreaming be a hero. To know that more than just NBA or even children in the streets are playing like Kobe. So when a mature and intelligent basketball player comes out, how can you not fall in love with him? As a loyal Derrick Rose fan, I eagerly hope he will do better in this series games. May be he can be the next great Bulls player after Michael Jordan.

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