New Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Content (GT News)

New Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Content (GT News)

On today’s GT News Andrea Rene gives an update on the Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 4, details on new Dragon Age: Inquisition content, and work on Lords of th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 comments to New Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Content (GT News)

  • mauszx  says:

    Damn, Ubisoft screw Assasins Creed so bad, which brings the question, Why
    did they launch Unity? Wouldn’t be better if they launched Rogue for every
    console and the next year sell Unity… oh well.?

  • Ben Willock  says:

    Correction: The pre-order stuff ALWAYS came with the Digital Deluxe
    Edition, and its a Red Hart, not a Red Hart Halla (a Halla is a completely
    different type of Deer).?

  • Klpire123  says:

    I enjoyed Lords of the Fallen, and I look forward to whatever it is they
    have in store for the series. Sure, the game has some weak points (mostly
    in the storytelling, imo), but I really liked it. ?

  • Adam  says:

    this is what happens when ubisoft just churn out games every year quantity
    over quality is never a good idea. They’ve turned one of the best open
    world franchises in my opinion into a laughing stock?

  • James Murphy  says:

    The extra content for DA:I is definitely not worth $10! Also the
    multiplayer is awful. Which is a shame because ME3s multiplayer was great
    fun. Still the single player game is fantastic.?

  • Leonardo NR  says:

    Aid, my foot. It’s repayment assholes.?

  • Pratyush  says:

    Lots think its a waste of money. Going to Mars will not make money for
    Indians… But technology developed for this purpose will!?

  • Paras Ftl  says:

    Fuck UK, UK is criminal gay country?

  • HinduThrust  says:

    India also holds a world record of putting 7 satellites into space at one
    go…nasa only 5.?

  • kanu kunal  says:


  • Mayur Yelpale  says:

    did he just said 1.2 billion indians are poor?
    i dont know what do you think about India and Indians?

  • vivek kumar  says:

    about the aid which is given by the England, First of all world has to
    understand few things, all most 500 years of British rule in India given
    nothing but only poverty. Before they arrived India was having 21% world
    economy when they left only 1%. They almost looted each and every think
    including the Precious diamond in the world. So as far as the aid are
    concern, it is our money which they are giving only the interest.?

  • Madhuswamy K  says:

    Ohh god…Aid!!!! Seriously????!!!,,this is so funny.. its the uk which
    seems to be needing aid ?

  • Jackpot  says:

    The cheapest bastards of this Earth who are even worst than a PIG, they
    roamed every continent; ruled them with their DIVIDE & RULE policy; but
    finally kicked out…I loved how British were kicked out by Americans &
    despite that they have to lick Americans Assess; so they are protected by
    BIG BEAR RUSSIA…Madarchod Britain?

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar  says:

    Bad news channel. The report says 1,2 billion people in India are poor. has
    he done any research yet. secondly India has stopped taking aid from last

  • Krishna Rao  says:

    I’m fine with India spending money on a mars mission. My question is why is
    India wasting money on Bollywood, when it can use that money to help the
    poor. ?

  • Sanjib Moitra  says:

    India’s Population currently stands at 131.7 crore officially and 140 crore
    unoficially alongwith 2 crore illegal Bangladeshi settlers.So 125 crore
    official figure gone into oblivion in 2012.?

  • mjordan233 JM  says:

    HAHA Indian army, Economy PPP is wayyyy better than the UK. UK only
    provides aid to India because they looted India years ago and don’t want
    any problems with it. According to studies, India’s GDP will cross UK’s in
    the upcoming year with a whopping 8.5% growth rate. ?

  • Avinshu Aneja  says:

    fuck uk. they looted india for 300 years. they took away all the money.
    they made the richest country poor. but in 60 years of freedom. india has
    risen again. risen to the extent that it can buy the whole of uk and its
    cunt queen… so india doesn’t need any aid from uk. so India now in
    just 60 years is able to buy british companies like jaguar and land rover.
    and buying aston martin soon, wait for another 20-30 years, small thief
    countries like will be begging in front of india for trade and aid. jai
    hind… shit brits lol. their thinking is as small as their country is
    …. iniiiiit mate ??

  • kanu kunal  says:

    Hello I am General DYER; I have stolen over 7000 trillion sterling pounds
    WHITE,I AM A TERRORIST AND I COULD RUIN INDIA the Land Of Peaceful Hindus. ?

  • Venkatesh Ravi  says:

    Guys understand something first our mission is basically an advertisement
    that we can produce reliable space equipment. That statement and
    credibility was needed for ISRO so that they can attract people with
    expensive satellites to use our launch systems. 45 million is not high its
    soooo cheap. We just bought 126 Dassault Rafale for 13 billion dollars with
    each costing over 100 million dollars and thats just a fighter jet. Our
    defence budget is 40 billion a year. Do you have any idea how small 45
    million sounds compared to 40 billion ? We just bought a 2 billion dollar
    aircraft carrier no one seemed to care why do you say 45 million is a waste
    of money. Our scientists need to work within our country and as of now the
    only platform that can self sustain Indian Knowledge is ISRO and DRDO.
    Embrace it rather than criticizing it. ?

  • Krishna Rao  says:

    Pratyush, you should sell your organs, and use that money to feed the poor.
    You are clearly are a useless bag of water. ?

  • Nishanth Nish  says:

    Ultimately the Brits ended up uniting our country which was fragmented into
    kingdoms under different rulers battling it out for territory. Also, they
    effectively ended the muslim rule in parts of India. I think if not for
    the Brits, the country would still be in fragments.. (Good things coming
    out of terrible circumstances?)?

  • Musicana  says:

    These dirty bastards never improve. I had the opportunity of being in the
    South Pacific a while ago around the time India went full nuclear (a few
    years before and a few years after). The Australians always ensure that a
    negative image of India is projected in events like these usually by
    playing the poverty card or the aid card or the ‘Once backward colony which
    prospered due to the magnanimity of the British’ etc. etc. I am always
    left thinking where these fucktards would have ended up if the Indians
    supported the Nazis instead of the Allies when Churchill and his heathen
    hoardes were getting anal raped by the Aryan race.?

  • Moonlight0810  says:

    UK itself is Fucked up…..India does not need any aid u morons….its
    repayment…India itself gave millions of euros to EU remember….?

  • spark7shiraz  says:

    UK giving AIDS ,,,?

  • Lok Tom  says:

    Congratulations to India for accomplish this great task for humanity. Now
    human being on earth do not have to rely heavily or depends on just one of
    the three Super Power. Although one of them have been on top and famous for
    its technology in the past. Now there’s a new kid in the block to enter the
    space race for humanity. The more brains involved in the subject , the
    better the progress towards the future of deep space traveling or
    interplanetary travel. But envy eyes, bullies , ignorant, arrogant, and
    racist should beware that it is not constructive to make criticism while
    someone else made great leap for mankind. Along with bad impressions to
    people who are expressing their shamefull bad upbrings into the internet.
    How do you like them apples folks? ?

  • 90bejay  says:

    I guess there is something good with slave labor ?

  • Dilip Vaishnav  says:

    it was a good coverage ……
    now…….. must watch for all Indians……. Do you know your India? –
    TEDxTalk by S.Gurumurthy?

  • Sudhakar S  says:

    And UK looted/robbed and raped India for centuries… Are we wiping it out
    of board? ?

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