21 comments to Naomi Campbell on racism in fashion

  • silvercord2018  says:

    I respect Naomi voicing her opinions but I believe that if you’re good,
    then you’re good. Naomi is the top supermodel because she’s good…but you
    can’t hire black people just because they’re black that’s gonna take away
    the high standards…not only in modeling but anywhere else.?

  • Serpentine Wisdom  says:

    maybe models of color arent as beautiful or skilled?

  • Koos Delarey  says:

    Blacks in Africa are favoured over other races living there. Asians in Asia
    are favoured over other races that live there. Why must blacks piss and
    whine about Europeans favouring their own race in their own indigenous
    land, or wherever they are the majority?

    If blacks don’t like whites favouring white people, in a nation indigenous
    to and full of white people, why do they live in places like the UK? They
    weren’t brought to Europe as slaves, they immigrated there in the 1960s and
    70s and on and on.

    The fact is that blacks know they can get some benefit out of shouting
    “racism” every five minutes.?

  • Ivan Kanaan  says:

    why should be more blacks than asians??? What would she want? 50% of black

  • Bon Bang  says:

    Ahah Naomi is amazing ?

  • Olivia Nior  says:

    There are more people of color than there are white. Let that sit in your
    brain for a few mins…?

  • Avery Lenox  says:

    He kept trying to put words in her mouth ?

  • Jane Vain  says:

    Black women in America alone spend *$20 billion* on apparel every year. I
    feel black women should boycott any brand that doesn’t represent them in
    runways/adverts or campaign in general. Then, they’ll soon change their
    The same way in China, you cannot show Hollywood films unless there is a
    certain amount of Chinese people in it.?

  • Belladonna X.  says:

    Naomi and her wig, colored contacts along long list of rich white ex’s can
    just go hit the bottom of the trash can. The sheer stupidity of it all.
    Europe is mostly white, along with their super high end name brands and
    designers. The very people who practically made her millions were white
    designers, and white people who run the magazines etc etc. Shes biting the
    hand that feeds her. What about how there’s very few white men dominating
    NFL and NBA. What about the countless number of black men and women who
    date only white people. Black people should stop wasting their time
    worrying about how OTHER RACES LOOK AT THEM ,and try to end the bitterness
    they have for each other. What makes this all even more of a joke is how
    she isn’t even beautiful. OK runway shows with far more black females,
    eventually real black women who don’t have long legs and starve themselves
    will get intimidated by these black models and start more drama about that.
    So what if some white people don’t find black people attractive? That does
    NOT make a person RACIST for crying out loud. Turn your head back around
    and ask how come black men don’t like their own women and vice versa. NOW
    THAT would be interesting and progressive. ?

  • Remain24  says:

    Whenever there is an obvious racism act being done and afarican Americans
    speak on it why is that Caucasians say your pulling the race card??

  • Rocky Viazzani  says:

    I was a Model. What she is saying is very true!!! I was a victim myself… ?

  • BaadBoy's Playhouse  says:

    Naomi kept the interview on point even when the interviewer tried to muddy
    the topic. I love this girl :-)?

  • Serpentine Wisdom  says:

    shes ugly?

  • CaapriceTube  says:

    hahaha she shut him down!?

  • Legion WeRMany  says:

    Man.. this chimp is ugly. No wonder, no one wants to hire these she apes to
    put on their clothes and turn and spin.?

  • michael beighle  says:

    Naomi is so right. The underrepresentation of Men and Women of color in
    fashion is extremely disheartening.

    Interesting that people of color are underrepresented on the run way but
    Black/Latin/Asian celebs are depended on by designers to promote and sell
    their products. There is a disconnect. Seeing as Rihanna was just awarded
    for being a fashion Icon.

    Fashion is just the tip of the iceberg. People of color are also
    underrepresented in other fields like science, education, medicine,

  • CartoonPhilosopher  says:

    LOL ?

  • Daniel Santos  says:

    Person of colour!! WTH????

  • Dion Sawyer  says:

    Blk women have always been Vogue…it scares bitchs!!!!! ?

  • java watson  says:

    Hes disrespectful!?

  • Gee Bacardi  says:

    GO NAOMI!!! she totally shut him down, and she did it with class. Love her

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