Mt ASO Super Volcano erupts…

A few nice world news images I found:

Mt ASO Super Volcano erupts…
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Image by williamcho
Mt ASO in Kyushu is blasting out chunks of magma, the first such eruption in 22 years, causing flight cancellations and prompting warnings to stay away from its crater.…

Mount Aso is one of the world’s largest volcanoes. Earthquakes and other seismic activity increased in late August. Since then, the agency has had Mt Aso on Volcanic Alert Level 2, meaning the area is off limits to everyone.
Links from my flickr stream to more images on Mt ASO:
file: mt aso eruption_DSC0538.jpg

Image from my archives.
The Aso caldera in Japan seen from the air taken 4 years ago for an inflight magazine.
Thanks to Zur@imiAbro@d for the news alert

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“no nos podéis robar nuestros sueños”
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Image by natalia peris
What the banner reads means "You can NOT steal our dreams from us" in Spanish. I took this photo during a demonstration in Seville (Spain) that was part of the activities the student movement Sevilla Para planned and organised to complain and protest against the rise in tuition fees in public universities in Spain. We won’t stop because education cuts mean less and worse public education and that means less and worse democracy.

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