MrColionNoir: NRA News Commentators Episode 8 “Coloring the Issue”

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“The economy” threatens to annihilate our stock-piles of imaginary, inflated wealth, spawning a battle of epic proportions as insurgent grassroots forces mov…

31 comments to MrColionNoir: NRA News Commentators Episode 8 “Coloring the Issue”

  • yoyasass  says:

    I would? agree that Obamacare isn’t perfect from what I know about it. But it’s a better deal than the status quo the republicans wanted to keep. There whole philosophy on health care is the same as it is on gun violence. “Do Nothing”.

  • blazelmtdedtn  says:

    obamacare is complete bullshit, it forces people to give their money to insurance companies. what we need to is get rid of health insurance and let every single man, woman, and child receive healthcare without worrying about ending up in piles of debt. even cuba has free healthcare… living in florida if im ever terminally ill ill buy a boat and take my happy? ass there rather than end up with mountains of debt for the rest of my life.

  • blazelmtdedtn  says:

    you say those countries are “effectively bankrupt” like america isnt trillions of dollars in debt… i believe? everyone should be able to receive healthcare without being in debt the rest of their lives. its 2013 and america is supposed to be setting an example. what kind of example do we set when people have to balance health vs debt? and dont call me a pussy ass liberal, nor a conservative.

  • blazelmtdedtn  says:

    i consider myself? progressive, and i dont think disarming the american citizens is progress. well it is progress for tyranny but i aint about that shit.

  • oldhatAN  says:

    Here is the liberal mindset. They genuinely believe that their policies and positions represent the real interests of the downtrodden and minorities. They see their policies and your real interests as a black man as literally being identical. If you don’t agree? with them, you are going against your own interests. You must either be too dumb to see it or an Uncle Tom sellout house nigger. You don’t sound dumb so that leaves them with one option. That’s their mindset. BTW where is episode 7

  • yoyasass  says:

    By the way, what happened in Santa Monica today??

  • yoyasass  says:

    Canada and the UK’s health care system is much more preferable to the system we had here. I don’t know how Obamacare will turn out, but it’s a helluva lot better than what we had.Such as being denied care for pre existing conditions, or showing up at emergency rooms because it’s your only option due to being poor.
    It’s also funny how republicans bitch and bitch about an idea that they thought of in the? first place. [Romney and before him, the Heritage Foundation].

  • Sezakou  says:

    He’s not accusing progressives. He’s accusing people who claim to be progressive yet they practice hypocritical behavior. How do people still fall? for this flawed interpretation? It’s like every other youtube comment is people getting offended because they think some one is making a generalization of a certain group of people.

  • j5bb  says:

    HEEEEY another smart person Thank you! I feel the same way? and at some point they will want us to turn in all the guns buuut when did CRIMINALS FOLLOW THE LAW!

  • IansMagickOak  says:

    Love how this starts with? nothing more than uncited accusations against progressives and imputations of malice.

    1/10 for a trolling video. You had me until 58 Seconds then I knew this was digital garbage.

  • StaKind85  says:

    Even Books!! lol. Thank you for pointing this out!!! Like? the left thinks they “own” minorities or something.

  • ImpossibleAsymptote  says:

    Man, your editing is usually really good. Very professional. Today? It’s fantastic, kinetic, point-proving goodness. God? help us if you take up poetry, you’ll be unstoppable.

  • Tactical Tshirts  says:

    I think somebody? needs to stand up and call out the intellectual dishonesty on the other side. I LOVE this video. Hahahahahaha!

  • afr0shooterguy40  says:

    why’d you make this video? it wont stop the ppl who hate. &? us who are with you already knew these things. dont let it get to you & keep gettin that paper CN

  • Gypsy withawalthers  says:

    close helping each other out building a range together, joking with out feeling offended, example… a man coming to you seems rude but once you start to understand each other you find your selves like brothers. we also got to protecting each other now, guns saved? our life in different way. anyway don’t worry so much on racism, we all are brothers and sisters who bare-arms, if you worry about racism you must be insecure, I’mma quit babbling keep up the good videos and good work, the fight.

  • Insidetech101  says:

    Great vid, truth be? told…

  • Southparkateer2  says:

    The big paradox? of the economic system.? As production becomes more and more efficient, employment becomes less and less needed. Hence, job losses occur. And even though more goods are available, less people have the means to attain them. All and all, it’s a self-defeating system from the start.

  • TAEHSAEN  says:

    Dude. Same here man. I am just so surprised this video doesn’t have more views let alone this amazing? amazing channel.

  • Francis Noel Comodas  says:

    its true?

  • ?????? ??????????  says:

    ? ?????? ? ????????????,? ???!

  • NeonerdTV  says:

    Zeitgeist the movie is bullshit, but it´s not bad to question the global activities…

  • Keyser Söze  says:

    Thank you Tom? Selleck.

  • kinoomich  says:

    “Adam Smith religion”

    Fuck You?

  • carlophuketful  says:

    I’m afraid extermination? is the available solution. Bye bye Pand’oro.

  • spartacusofcapua  says:

    “but does anyone even know what the hell ishappening”= brilliant statement? wrapped into that sentence about 1 min. mark…

  • forwardBerth  says:

    Rap? News for President!

  • Chris Jones  says:

    i honestly think that if we? survey the earth and use intelligent management, the earth could carry 7 billion, 10 billion or more

  • Chris Jones  says:

    not sure that this properly expresses TVP but i think the robot is sexy?

  • Michel Bulkay  says:

    Love the humor and the message. Well done! Humor is really needed this times,? one way to stay sane and healthy…

  • Cakardic  says:

    how can you be so sure about the collective mind?? you probably dont know, but researchers have found that DNA has “impossible” telepathic properties… even though according to? our knowledge its impossible.. so you tell me… are you 100% sure of your claims? its very unwise to claim stuff you dont know nothing about.. its very unwise to think that what you know is fact/truth… cheers ^^

  • avkumar85  says:


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