Minecraft 1.8 ENDERMEN Skin Release by Notch! 1.9 NPC Trading, Thermometer & More!

GameChap and Bertie discuss the latest news for the 1.8 Adventure Update; the Endermen texture, item drops… and even some secret news for 1.9! (Endermen pigs and skeletons, by George!)

22 comments to Minecraft 1.8 ENDERMEN Skin Release by Notch! 1.9 NPC Trading, Thermometer & More!

  • Andrius226  says:

    i fking hate that voice >.>

  • nazsyok  says:


  • EveryDayHater  says:

    who thinks the NPCs in 1.9 will be pigmen

  • srjerman  says:

    pip pip cherrio!

  • pielava12  says:

    @dvio47 its only for importent people

  • dvio47  says:

    the pre release is out i cant get it to work but it does work

  • TheDirkydirk  says:

    i say!

  • GiveMeThatLetter  says:

    Some of you have never heard a British accent before. The way GameChap and Bertie perform it is superb, real Englishmen or not! On the Internet, they are very much so chaps from England. Let’s leave it at that, chaps and chapettes! Over and out!

  • theprogramer48  says:

    I like there voices

  • Michaellee608  says:

    I just Go his Video and read the title then Left 😀

  • ThePalkai  says:

    @spyrolad english

  • spyrolad  says:

    What accent Is that supposed to be?

  • wtfwhoisthisguy  says:

    @imLIBERZz errr minecraft is visually appalling? STOP THE FUCKING PRESS!

  • samkic19966  says:

    Its gonna be relased This WEEEEEEEEEEEEEK go on facebook and read it please thumb up so everyone can see it!

  • imLIBERZz  says:

    looks soooooooooooo SHIIIITTTTTTT!!!! 🙁

  • Supacalaz  says:

    dam notch u scarey

  • MRBOOGEYMAN100  says:

    @warmorgan go on youtube and look were thay got the idea, form the slender man and there is a documentary, and other vid’s. p.s have nice night mwahhahahahahahha 🙂

  • spykebaxter  says:

    i want to be able to build a computer in-game. Then i’ll play minecraft on that computer. OOOH mineception

  • warmorgan  says:

    i hate endermen there scary

  • ToothpasteKing  says:

    @LGReynoldsVG1 ermm how?

  • BruckLeee  says:

    @LGReynoldsVG1 ?

  • TheMegadude888  says:

    @TheRabbitFear no need, Minecraft is about creations, You can choose your own story, Stranded on a island, Teleported from a diffrent time, any kind

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