Meera MBA Kajer Meye – Episode 25

Meera MBA Kajer Meye – Episode 25. Meera MBA Kajer Meye is a Bengali TV Serial directed by Shankar Chanda starring Dritiman Chatterjee, Sayantani, Sudip & Ajad Ansari, Music by Nachiketa. Meera MBA Kajer Meye is the story of Meera (Sayantani) who is an MBA but is appointed as a house-maid in Mukherjee mansion. What makes her take up this job and how she wins all hearts is what the story is all about. Episode Synopsis: Rabindra finds out from newspaper that Meera had gone to the Police station the day before. He tells Meera that if everyone comes to know about this, they will throw her out. Meera tells him that everything will be fine. Bharati also reads the news about Meera and asks Ria to stay from her. Ria is worried that everyone will find out about her. Shyam asks her to confess the truth. She refuses. Meera is summoned in front of everyone in the house. Click on to watch more Bengali TV Shows Meera MBA Kajer Meye.
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Wacom introduces Inkling, a new digital sketch pen that captures a digital likeness of your work while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any sketchbook or standard piece of paper.

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25 comments to Meera MBA Kajer Meye – Episode 25

  • xhezeii  says:

    cool !

  • Miyok0Chan  says:

    everyone asking about erasing and stuff… really? this is designed for sketching on the go when you’re out and about, then you transfer it into the computer and you can fix it up as much as you want. Not to mention there’s a layer function, so in the end it doesn’t matter if you mess up on paper.

    if you want to be able to do something clean, draw in pencil first then INK it with the INKLING? honestly, not meaning to be rude, but you guys honestly cant think of that yourself?

    had to be said.

  • KinameNagasah  says:

    @officeham Inkling makes it perfectly editable (vector and layers). If you usually makes digital art you know how important that is. ๐Ÿ˜ You’ll have half the work.

  • 24Minky  says:

    @nati032158 that’s not a problem. it’s based on ink drawings which you can’t erase.

  • benbo2121  says:

    holy crapballz wacom is so great, i just love you !

  • downwithdinosaurs  says:

    @Nadeshikoslove you misunderstand. I am complaining that Wacom, one of the worst patent villains in computer technology, has forced us to their substandard support with their ironfisted strategies. A Cintiq SHOULD cost as much as a screen and a mouse or keyboard. It’s fucking bullshit how they’re allowed to squat on the licensing, even though their patent has expired. READ ABOUT IT.

    Meanwhile, they sell this crap. Technology they actually licensed and did not invent.. hm. Hypocrites?

  • XGDesignify  says:

    Hmmm…… Who also knows how to use the delete button? No need for an eraser.

  • FanaticTeen  says:

    @nati032158 hmm! sketch with pencil, then outline with the inkling pen :3 thats what I would prob do c:

  • theMataby  says:

    @HeyVeneeta I don’t know for anybody else, but with me, I have a terrible time drawing even a relatively straight line using a tablet. But with this I could easily use a ruler or another straightedge. The way my desk is set up is terrible anyways, and I’m sure that’s a huge factor in being able to do anything with a tablet, anyways.

  • HeyVeneeta  says:

    how would you draw a straight line with this? isnt it harder?

  • evanmrk  says:

    @nati032158 u’ re working with layers so it shouldn’t be a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  • imdamasta11  says:

    i usually use a scanner

  • Lithiel  says:

    ooo….ooohh…my…GOSH…. I MUST HAVE!

  • t0ferz  says:

    @babbebbibb The appeal for me is exactly what you said, the lack of scanning. For some of us scanning is a big pain in the ass. It speeds up the process considerably. That alone is worth the money. I would have to test this, but I also think it’d be cool for small animation projects since you can make new layers so easily.

  • ACatferreira  says:

    wooooww! this is amazing!!!

  • DaliKalak  says:

    This would save so much time on the sketch to digital transferring. Plus, you could do a pencil sketch and then go over it with the pen! YEAH! I am so stoked.

  • levoooooo  says:

    @nati032158 That’s not a problem. Mistake are part of drawing. But you can ajust on the computer.

  • babbebbibb  says:

    Please those people who definitely want to buy it — please tell us how you want to use it.
    I can only imagine good use if you draw and scan really really much. But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t do that very much. I scan maybe once a day – and this is no big deal to do.

    So, what use would you have from it, what do you think will be the benefits for you? —

    Please explain!

  • babbebbibb  says:

    earlier: you draw with light blue colored pencil on paper, then you do the final lineart on top ot it. Then you scan, make it look better in photoshop. Then you print out the drawing and put color on it.
    now: you draw with +- normal pen on normal paper. When you start the final lineart, you use another layer, thus separating the two stages of development. You don’t scan, but put it directly on your computer. And after that it’s the same (photoshop, print, color).
    > It just saves scanning.

  • AMID2D3D  says:

    @babbebbibb From in Sweden, iv’e preordered it the moment wacom launched it ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a long deliverytime since its so new, but it’s gonna be worth the wait!

  • sinshiro  says:

    @BlueLumi8692 they say its only 200 thats so cool!

  • BlueLumi8692  says:

    @MrComfyCouch I actually find that pretty cheap for what it’s capable of doing xD I expected it to be around in the thousands if anything.

  • Nadeshikoslove  says:

    -.- people and their common sense. you know you can draw first with normal pencil and erase so many times you want, then outline those with this pen? idiots…

  • LegendaryCookie505  says:

    No fucking way! How is this even possible ?! Now I know what I want for my birthday!

  • fierylava12  says:


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