May 3 2013 Syria threatens Isreal with SURPRISE response – END TIMES NEWS UPDATE 4-14-13

May 3 2013 Breaking news end times news update 4-14-13 BEIRUT/AMMAN (Reuters) Syria protested to the United Nations on Thursday over an Israeli air strike on…

14 comments to May 3 2013 Syria threatens Isreal with SURPRISE response – END TIMES NEWS UPDATE 4-14-13

  • David Tait  says:

    you talk so much shit you are propaganda you fuck wit, if british never gave you our science yous? would have been fuck all , yous steal, and kill to become powerfull yous are real terriosts

  • Jørn Liverød  says:

    LOL this is? a machine selling fear. wow i feel sorry for the ones that believe this.

  • jimmy Roodny  says:

    What he is saying? in this clip is accurate and true! Unless all Americans can get united behind wealth shared in the form of good wages there will be no money for the 99% just poverty!

  • Stewart Hughes  says:

    ing ing ing , alex jones is our king.?

  • callmenort  says:

    this jerk is good for a laugh, that’s about? all

  • prettyjohnshill76  says:

    alex? jones….goodbye.

  • TheGoodNewsforall  says:

    Please kindly see ? thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

  • Captain Loose Cannon  says:

    Are you people fucking insane??

  • Groovtubin  says:

    Lord Jesus gave me a dream @ WW III 2 years ago, it`s a? COMING, no matter WHAT..

  • Hans Mabel  says:

    Just calm down everybody. thermo nuclear war is not possible. it’s one of “their” lies. Big lies dot org fear for mutual assured destruction is what keeps the masses in line. they already understood this before? ww2. reject all nuclear propaganda. it’s a waist of your time. ww3 will be a conventional war.

  • John Fares  says:

    You guys are the most? ignorant scum I ever came upon

  • Obaid bin yahiya  says:

    no..both are different, each and every belief? and article of faith is different

  • Mellomoon Haze  says:

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of POWER, and of LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND. The Almighty God, the Alpha and Omega, the? King of Kings and Lord of Lords has my back. I dont fear that man can destroy my body, he cannot touch my soul.

  • sdm0964  says:

    So, who are you? You gave him your time to watch this video and to make a comment. If? you made this comment without watching the video, your slander has no substance.

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