May 3 2013 EXTREME SOLAR FLARESE EMP scheduled to hit earth 2013 – end times news update 4-12-13

May 3 2013 EXTREME SOLAR FLARESE EMP scheduled to hit earth 2013 - end times news update 4-12-13

May 3 2013 Breaking News Extreme Solar Flares EMP scheduled to hit earth (EMP) Electromagnetic pulse – end times news update 4-12-13 April 2013 watch earthqu…

Altaf Hussain resigned from MQM. Dr AImran Farooq Murder tighting rope around Altaf Hussain neck.

18 comments to May 3 2013 EXTREME SOLAR FLARESE EMP scheduled to hit earth 2013 – end times news update 4-12-13

  • tjnesryan  says:

    “May 3 2013 EXTREME SOLAR FLARESE EMP scheduled to hit earth 2013 – end times news? update 4-12-13”

    Uploaded in February 12, seems legit.

  • bradley tefft  says:

    It’s june 23 2013…..but u? feel like an idiot

  • Top10Randomz  says:

    Hm…. Thumbs up if your watching this is 4385 because of the radiation from this a scientist invented a time? machine… So yeah. But … This is due in 2679 so your safe, earthlings.

  • J Whit  says:

    fishhand360 . 3 weeks ago “Can they?? power the world without wires?”
    Reply<~ If We had funded Tesla's work and not burned Him out and killed his work!

  • fishhand360 .  says:

    Yeah I know that I wish they? would power the world without wires now.

  • David Hereaux  says:

    Yes, they covered it up because they would have lost bazillions of dollars. Look? up “Tesla” on a search provider.

  • senorkush18  says:


  • Nemesis1ism  says:

    Who says Some book sellers . The 7 year period started Befor 2012 31/2 years to be exact . Had the election been honest and fair the anti- christ would have lost . He promised the powers that be Including Media they were part of the grand Design . He failed to mention what part LOL . Now they are turning on him . But its to late. Dec 2012 We entered the light the golden? age began. Watch the earth quakes in coming months foolish man. Book sellers said end at hand in 2012. Disinformation types.

  • Nemesis1ism  says:

    There is much more to it than free energy. Food! You me all of us Have the Ability to eat? the hidden Mana. Revelations 2:17 The white rock Its not meant for one person but all. Read scripture with a pure heart see the llies . Is not slavery a lie . Yes it is. Unlless your a JEW . Note I said Jew only 2 tribes . There where 12 The call 10 lost . Believe the Lie . The 10 tribes are not lost its the 2 that are lost. Starting with Solomon ending with his son. They broke Harmony the word of God.

  • fishhand360 .  says:

    I wish they would now but there not doing anything. One also gas companies would go bankrupt. I would? love a world without wires that would be awesometacular.

  • Nemesis1ism  says:

    With present? tech its fairly easy at this timme for People as whole to stop their plans . Thats what they fear. This is hummans salvation . Will it happen ? No! They control how you think by bomdarding you with all sorts of media . You have lost touch with your inner self. So what will be will be as they have pllanned out. Does their plan work? NO! Their are 2 in the wworld with great abilities who are set against the powers that be.These 2 have more power than they do.Much hardship follows.

  • Nemesis1ism  says:

    Yes? !

  • Nemesis1ism  says:

    Its not? space thats tring to kill you . But the evil that controls the sheeple / An emp In 2013 that knocks out the world grid Would cause much suffering . But that is better than what the powers that be have planned for you. If you don’t want an emp to knock out ther grid. All people as a whole simply need to share the same thoughts at the same time. Crazy you think ? No its not! But think hard on it . Going Back to the 1800 is it bad as comparred to what the powers that be have planned for you

  • masjnf  says:

    its not fake solar? flares are real you dunce

  • masjnf  says:

    he may? have a computer or a phone you dunce

  • justanotherbum007  says:

    I got here from the videos over there >>>
    What is weird, though, is you’ve had this video up since? 2/12/13 and under your screename it states, “no views.”

  • Rain Bowdash  says:

    on may 4? i was playing my computer and nothing happened weird with my computer the whole day and night.

  • fishhand360 .  says:

    Can they power the world? without wires?

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