5 comments to Los Angeles Police Chase 11 September 2009 FOX News Channel LIVE

  • Shawn Mierczynski  says:

    These guys are heroes because they risk? their lives to save others just like my dad who was a firefighter

  • valgehiir  says:

    Shep is the? best

  • chocolatewheelchair  says:

    Good chase?

  • CliffJumpingProd  says:

    wow i love that reporter or anchor or what he is, 12:20 first time i’ve heard anyone? giving cops credit for their work!

  • DJTooMass  says:

    “110 mph in any car is not a very good idea”
    …that’s my normal travel speed on german Autobahn if traffic allows it and no speed limit is set.
    (and I get overtaken not only once? by faster cars then)

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