Live With Dr Shahid Masood – 6th September 2014 – Sheikh Rasheed On News One

Live With Dr Shahid Masood – 6th September 2014 – Dr. Shahid Masood On News One,Live With Dr Shahid Masood – 4th September 2014 – Dr. Shahid Masood On News O…


24 comments to Live With Dr Shahid Masood – 6th September 2014 – Sheikh Rasheed On News One

  • JahazTv  says:
  • Angie McFarren  says:

    wow that is epic?

  • Njaal Cummings  says:

    This title is in Engish
    The description to
    so i got one question
    why arent you??

  • GMA KapusoTV Shows  says:
  • Marcus Dinglasan  says:

    Ladies and gentlemen. I am disappointed on how you think as a human. It
    does not matter if you are an American,African,Japanese,Filipino,Latin,etc.
    It does not matter if you are a Muslim,Catholic,Christians,Protestants, or
    an Atheist. We are, Brothers/Sisters,Mother,Father,Son,Daughter,Cousin… A
    FAMILY. So are these people who died not just from this Storm but from war
    and other earthly disasters. This could happen to any of us. Any time. So
    please, spare the innocent people who died from your foolishness. We must
    not divide this planet. We must unite as one. We are citizen of the Earth.
    Without each and everyone of us, we are pointless. We must learn to respect
    and coexist with ourselves and mother nature. Peace is the most basal
    requirement for us to find happiness. Yes, it may sound queer and
    theatrical. But it is the reality. Yes, we are human, and to err is human.
    But we are given the gift of wisdom to correct it and do the otherwise. Let
    us pray for all humanity. ?

  • uhavemooface  says:

    I would rather feel safer donating food then donating money because that
    money never really goes to the people. I don’t trust the charities they
    are corrupt to. But I hope that they do get the help they need and our
    government should help sense they don’t ever want to help us here. They
    should at least help them. ?

  • myra pagatpat  says:

    I wanna know more update in tacloban my family is there?

  • thesnapper84  says:

    just a thought but what if they build Giant cement Dome’s in the middle of
    all these islands for when shit like this happens….?

  • jongmr  says:

    may hanging malakas pala sa washing machine? hmmm, bago yun ah hahahaha?

  • Alexis Tatine  says:

    Psalms 91:2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my
    God; in him will I trust.

  • Gabriel Herrera Ramos  says:

    cristo viene?

  • rhemzkhiequeroben  says:

    wag namang magatagal ang bagyo lalo sa southern leyte at ang bahay nmin ay
    malapit lang sa dagat…LORD SAVE MY FAMILY…?

  • alex duransky  says:

    To those people who live in Christ and died in the storm. God is holding
    you now. The heaven is a place for you…no more tears, no more sorrows
    and no more death.?

  • Emie Cabanela  says:

    dont keep earthly wealth…it can be washed away…?

  • LEE DAVID  says:

    its like this everyday in uk, just build stronger houses.?

  • arbee perey  says:

    pray pray pray?

  • River Tam  says:

    he’s anchor man but he was wearing a jacket!? get out there you lazy field

  • Jennifer Mazon  says:

    My prayers goes to all..?

  • throimk2mixs  says:

    I suggest to our government to have a good and strong shelter or evacuation
    center in case we’re experiencing any calamity like a recurring monthly or
    yearly typhoon, to be come any evacuees safe, ensure also that shelter is
    away in flooding. ?

  • eric vincent  says:


  • Reina Peterson  says:

    Alis kana haiyan please… i hope family and friends and fellow filipinos
    are all safe… prayers for everyone xxx?

  • Rudrigo Abrigana  says:

    The place where I was born :(( now the World Record Super Typhoon was born
    in the place where I was born OMG , I ampu nato ang CEBU Tibuok pilipinas
    na hinaot walay ma accendente or unsa paman diha ,let’s pray the
    philippines ,god bless the philippines !!!!!?

  • ester orbiso  says:

    palompon leyte theres no news were so anxious to know what happen in our

  • Fresol Galino  says:

    i hope d nman c yolanda magtgal dyan sa place ko lord help and save my
    whole family from danger.?

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